5 Fundamental Progressive Care Nurse Interview Tips


You have spent time carefully crafting your resume and cover letter to catch the eye of potential employers, and you have earned an interview. Now you have to prepare for that initial face-to-face meeting.

Your career and skills will all be discussed during the interview, and the hiring manager will also try to assess your personality. Help the manager learn as much about you as possible in a positive way to help him or her understand that you will be an asset to the company. Highlighting your knowledge and skills is an important part of any interview; do not be afraid to speak about your accomplishments. Stand out by using the time to emphasize your talents and personality. Many popular common sense interview practices will help you convince your interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job by having a positive experience. Combining these fundamental progressive care nurse interview tips with best practices will help you make a great impression.

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Progressive Care Nurse Interview Tips

Confirm That You Are Properly Licensed and Certified: An interviewer may be interested to learn more about the education you received through your experiences, but he or she will also need to know about any licenses or certifications you have. The requirements for progressive care nursing positions will vary from state to state. Research the mandates in your area before attending your interview to be sure that you are qualified.

Prove How Right You Are for the Company: Part of the interview process is determining if you are the right match for the company. One of the most important progressive care nurse interview tips is that you should prove how well you would fit in the business while demonstrating that you are qualified for the position. Research the organization you are interviewing with and learn their history, mission and accomplishments. Incorporate the information you learn about the business when answering questions in your interview. Use the knowledge you gain during your research to ask insightful questions about the company culture. Through asking pointed questions, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the place you are applying to while demonstrating to your interviewer that you are committed to the position and the company.

Highlight Your Organizational Skills: Progressive care nurses require high levels of organizational skills. Assessing the needs and information of patients and using that assessment to coordinate patient care requires maintaining different streams of information, critical analysis abilities and a strong memory. The interviewer may ask a variety of questions to glean knowledge about your organizational skills and determine if you are the best candidate for the position. Answer these questions with examples of how your skills have benefited your team or patients while you met requirements and balanced multiple responsibilities.

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Showcase Your Communication Skills: All nurses must be able to effectively communicate with doctors, other nurses, other members of a healthcare team and patients. By using your interactions with the interviewer, you will have a chance during your interview to emphasize your communication skills. Pay full attention to what the interviewer is saying and use statements that demonstrate you understand the points they make. Ask insightful questions to demonstrate strong active listening skills. Successful interviews often avoid personal anecdotes. Try to use examples from your education or career to demonstrate your talents.

Emphasize Your Personality: An interviewer might not be able to understand your character through the subtle social cues and hints you give during the interview. Instead, clearly communicate your personality traits to your interviewer by providing examples of when your disposition shined in your career, and by preparing anecdotes that highlight your compassion. Use examples that underline your patience. Your personality is an important part of your nursing abilities, and speaking about it will help to demonstrate your excellence. Organize your stories by describing an event, the actions you took and the positive results of your behavior. Avoid memorizing these descriptions so that you can communicate naturally.

Have a successful and positive first interview with help from the above progressive care nurse interview tips. Make a constructive and confident impression during your face-to-face so that you are remembered for all the right reasons. With a great first interview, you have a better chance of being invited to return for a second interview, which could possibly lead to landing the job of your dreams.