5 Vital Retail Sales Associate Interview Tips


Your hard work to construct an eye-catching cover letter and an enticing resume has attracted the attention of a hiring manager, and now it is time to prepare for the job interview. The initial interview is important because it is when the hiring manager learns more information about your personality, your job skills, and your occupation history. How you come off during this interview will be a big determinant as to whether you will be asked to come in for a follow-up interview, which puts you one step closer to landing the job.

Preparation is key before meeting with the hiring manager. Not only do you want to be prepared with general interview tips that put you in a good light, you also want to be able to showcase your abilities and how they relate to the available position. The hiring manager needs to be convinced that you will be an asset for the company, which is done by highlighting your advantages over the competition and drawing attention to your extraordinary skills. The following retail sales associate interview tips are designed to help you stand out and have a successful interview.

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Retail Sales Associate Interview Tips

Discuss Your Persuasion Techniques: The position you are applying for calls for good salesmanship, and you need to get this across during the interview. More than likely the interviewer will ask about your sales experience, so talk about what you have sold in the past and, more importantly, how you have persuaded someone who was hesitant to buy. If you have a good track record, use specific examples to demonstrate your skills, such as how many deals you closed in a week, the percentage of closed sales, or where you ranked in the company regarding sales. You can even demonstrate your skills at the end of the interview by asking for the job outright.

Highlight Your Customer Service Skills: Working as a retail sales associate calls for the desire and ability to meet the customers’ needs and wants. Discuss how you have gone above and beyond to help a customer as well as some of the challenges you have handled. Throughout the interview, demonstrate your outgoing and friendly personality in order to show how well you interact with people.

Inquire About Advancement Opportunities: As a retail sales associate, there are often multiple opportunities to move up from an entry-level position. These positions may require greater responsibility and pay more. Retail sales workers also often have the opportunity to become supervisors or managers if they have the right qualifications and have built up experience and knowledge. The interview is a good time to let the hiring manager know you have the desire to advance when the opportunity presents itself. This demonstrates to the interviewer that you are a hard worker, have ambition, and plan on staying with the company long-term.

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Discuss Educational Background: Most sales positions don’t require more than a high school diploma or equivalent, so if you have a college education or have taken college classes, make sure you mention it so that you stand out from the competition. Focus on classes such as marketing, leadership, communication, and sales techniques that show how you can be an asset for the organization for which you are interviewing. A college degree is especially appealing to the potential employer if you are interested in advancing into management.

Ask Discerning Questions: Although you are being interviewed, you are expected to ask some questions to show your interest in the position. For a retail sales associate position, you may want to ask about the average daily sales of the store or if there are any particular common challenges that may be expected. Other questions may include: ‘How would you describe the values of the company,’ ‘What are some of the opportunities the organization may have in the future,’ and ‘What are the skills and characteristics of those who are most successful in the position?’ Make sure that the question isn’t obvious or regarding something that has already been covered in the interview.

Making a positive impression during your interview is important, and these retail sales associate interview tips should help you achieve this. Doing well on your first interview gives you a better chance at nailing a second one.