5 Vital Subway Shift Leader Interview Tips


When trying to get a job at Subway, you are first going to need to submit a resume and cover letter. You can do this through email or drop it off in person. If the hiring manager likes what you offer, then you will get called in for an interview for a Subway shift leader position. The interview is an opportunity when you need to shine.

You have likely gone on a bunch of job interviews in the past, so you should have a basic idea of how it will be conducted. However, if this is going to be your first interview at Subway, then a few things might be done a little differently. The important thing is to understand what the hiring manager is looking for so that you can answer all questions effectively. Here are a few Subway shift leader interview tips you can implement in order to greatly increase your chances of being offered the job.

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Subway Shift Leader Interview Tips

Dress Appropriately: When you are interviewing for a job at Subway, chances are highly likely that the meeting is going to take place at the restaurant you will be working at. It might be conducted somewhere in the back or even out in the open in the main dining area. While it may not be the most professional setting, you still need to dress to impress. A button-up shirt with nice khakis is fine for gentlemen while the ladies can wear a blouse and dress pants or skirt. There is no need to get too fancy by wearing a tie, but you should look like you are taking this process seriously.

Talk About Your Food Preparation Experience: Someone applying for a sandwich artist position may not necessarily need any food preparation experience because he or she can simply learn on the job. However, when applying for a Subway shift leader position, you should have some experience in the fast food industry. You should already be well-versed in how fast food restaurants are supposed to operate and be proficient in leading a team.

Relate Your Experience in Customer Service: As a shift leader, you will regularly need to interact with the public. It is not unheard of for angry or unruly customers to walk in, and you should know how to deal with these situations professionally. If someone at the front asks to speak with the manager, then you might be the one who needs to show up to diffuse the situation. During the interview, you should speak about your experiences dealing with the general public. It can be extremely beneficial to tell a story of a time when you dealt with an unhappy customer and successfully resolved the issue. This is the best way to show how you behave when the pressure is on.

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Discuss Long-Term Goals: No one wants to hire someone who is only anticipating on working for the company for a few months and then moving on. That is especially true when a business is trying to hire someone for a more managerial position, which would certainly be the case for a shift leader. Do not be surprised if the interviewer asks you a question along the lines of, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Regardless of what your long-term plans actually are, you want to make it clear that you are interested in growing with the business. You can talk about how you definitely are interested in moving up in the organization and hopefully one day becoming a manager.

Talk About Availability: As a shift leader, you may need to work any time of day. Subways tend to open early for breakfast and some even stay open for 24 hours. Therefore, a hiring manager may look for someone who can commit to a wide range of times. That does not mean you will automatically be disqualified from the running if you are currently taking classes or have other commitments. Simply use a question related to availability as an opportunity to discuss your schedule.

Working at Subway can be an incredibly rewarding opportunity, so make sure you really ace that interview. These Subway shift leader interview tips should give you a good sense of what to expect, so start preparing right away.