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5 Terrific Account Manager Interview Tips


You have probably spent a lot of time working on your resume and sending it to companies you would like to work for. Now that you’ve been asked to come in for your first interview, there are a few things you should know that will help you ace it. Your interview is a chance to make a great first impression, so you want to be prepared.

As with a job interview in any industry, there are a number of dos and don’ts that you should adhere to. However, in addition to those, your interview for a position as an account manager will be more successful if you abide by a few industry-specific suggestions. The following five account manager interview tips will show which parts of your resume to highlight, and how to make the best impression possible. By presenting yourself in the most favorable light, you can stand out from the competition and wow the interviewer into wanting to speak with you again.

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Account Manager Interview Tips

Prove Your Communication Skills: In the accounting industry, account managers rely greatly on their communication skills. When dealing with colleagues, supervisors and clients, the ability to say exactly what you mean is crucial. A good portion of your day may be spent talking on the phone, emailing or attending meetings, so being able to understand and convey information effectively is a critical skill. In the beginning of your interview, show the hiring manager how well you communicate by using your best posture, maintaining eye contact, listening intently and speaking in clear sentences.

Point Out Your Customer Service Prowess: Part of being a good account manager is understanding your client’s needs inside and out. When clients come to you with questions, desires or problems, you are there for them, and you know just what to say and do to satisfy them. During your interview, give some examples of how you would go the extra mile to make clients happy. Share your customer service style, and try to match it to the style of the company you are hoping to work for. For instance, if the company is in a small town, you may need to emphasize your face-to-face people skills. On the other hand, if it is a company with clients on both coasts, you may be doing most of your customer service work online or on the phone.

Show How Organized You Are: Anyone can claim to be organized, but how do you prove it in a job interview? For example, in order to show how you are capable of handling large amounts of data, most of which is financial in nature and very important, you can share an instance when you were given a messy account and turned it into an organized file by developing a system for streamlining records. Perhaps you took it a step further and implemented your system company-wide, which may have led to higher revenues for your company and more time to focus on helping clients. Give relevant examples, and share them with an upbeat tone, being careful not to be critical of anyone from your previous job.

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Tell How Much You Appreciate Challenges: Some people call them problems, but a savvy account manager is very adept at surmounting challenges. If you fall into this category, make sure you communicate it without seeming to exaggerate. Common challenges in the accounting industry include budgeting woes, demanding creditors, customers whose payments are overdue and more. If you’ve handled these types of challenges in the past, share examples of how you overcame them. If you were able to save your company or clients’ money, be sure to share that as well.

Ask About the Job: In addition to the above account manager interview tips, you may have some questions of your own. Wait for the right moment, then ask for a few details. For instance, as an account manager, how many accounts will you be given? Will you have people working under you? Will the company provide an assistant? Are there opportunities for advancement? Take this time to ask whatever is most important to you, but try not to overdo it. Certain general questions, such as how many vacation days are offered, can be saved for a later interview or during contract negotiations.

With these five account manager interview tips under your belt, you should be ready to ace your interview. If you do well, your chances of returning for a second interview, and in due course getting the job, are improved.