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5 Transformative Audit Manager Interview Tips


You have sent your resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and are preparing for the interview. Make your interview successful with audit manager interview tips that allow you to demonstrate your skills rather than merely describe them. It is likely the interviewer will ask certain standard questions, such as your education and work experience, but interviewers always add unexpected questions that might catch the candidate off guard. These questions may require the candidate to describe a personal experience or a certain attitude that lets the interviewer in on what kind of person the potential employee is.

When answering these questions, focus on showing that your skills and mindset make you a good fit for the job. Not only do you have to discuss your expertise in the field, but you should show that you have an advantage over other candidates applying for the job. Focus on what makes you unique as well as qualities that show you will make an outstanding contribution to the audit department and the company as a whole.

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Audit Manager Interview Tips

Show your people skills. An audit manager has to deal with not only the audit department, but managers and employees in diverse divisions. You should speak during the interview in a way that shows you have honed your communication skills. In addition, the content of what you say should be focused on your familiarity with how an audit department works and how to approach various people in the course of your work. As a manager, you will need to organize and motivate your staff, so mention experiences that outline successful dealings with people in work situations.

Emphasize your credentials. If you have been called in for an interview for the position of audit manager, there is little doubt you have stellar credentials. Be sure to emphasize them during the interview at crucial points, even though you feel certain the interviewer is already familiar with them. Most audit managers have a bachelor or master degree in accounting or finance, followed by a CPA and at least five years’ experience in the industry. Mention your education in the interview and refer to your work experience several times.

Demonstrate organization skills. An audit manager is in charge of many tasks dealing with employees and heads of other departments. In addition, an audit manager has to plan a budget and review financial materials thoroughly. The multiplicity of tasks requires superb organizational skills which you should show you have. Prepare to have a relaxed, focused and pleasant manner when you speak and approach topics in an orderly way. Recall work experiences that called upon your organizational skills and resulted in a winning solution that was beneficial to the company as a whole.

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Show up-to-date knowledge. When conducting an audit, you need to have a solid grasp of laws and regulations. In addition, you will need to stay informed on updates to these regulations and demonstrate an awareness of changes in government and the industry. Leave the interviewer with evidence that you stay abreast of changes in regulations and are aware of trends. You can do this by bringing up news stories at relevant points, or by making reference to recent changes in the law in the course of the conversation. Also show that you are conversant in complex regulatory and financial issues that come up regularly in an auditing department.

Reveal your analytical ability. Let your interviewer know that you have a keen eye for detail and a knack for in-depth investigation. When pursuing an audit, you have to analyze all documents and elements thoroughly to reach a conclusion. At certain points during the interview, demonstrate your capacity to analyze details and infer from events. Provide tangible examples of your ability to do this, and let the topic of conversation extend to issues that require analysis, particularly to financial matters. Let the interviewer see that you know which elements to focus on when working through an audit.

A positive interview may not only work in your favor, but may be the factor that sways the potential employer to choose you as the successful candidate. Equipped with these audit manager interview tips, you can feel confident that your interview is a place where you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge and assure the potential employer that you are the best candidate for the job.