5 Helpful Urgent Care RN Interview Tips


Searching for a job is no easy task, and once you land an interview it is exciting. This means that you have obviously done a good job with your resume and networking. These efforts have allowed you to attract attention and standout as a job applicant. The next step involves the actual interview where you can hopefully “seal the deal” and land the job.

Interviewing is one of the more challenging parts of the job searching process. It can be difficult to talk about yourself for a lengthy period of time. Many candidates struggle to find the confidence to sell themselves as the right candidates for the job. The good news is interviewing does not have to be as stressful as it sounds. You can find success and secure a job. To help you in your quest, use the following six urgent care RN interview tips.

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Urgent Care RN Interview Tips

Highlight Your Skills: It is important to recognize that you need to be qualified to work as an urgent care RN. This is why you list your license, work experience, and any other credentials on your resume. Although this information is helpful to the interviewer, it is also important to emphasize your skills during the interview. Most companies will be looking for candidates with critical thinking abilities, compassion for others, organizational skills, good physical and emotional health, and someone who is detail-oriented. Although you probably will not all of these characteristics at one time during the interview, you can try to incorporate them into your answers. This way the interviewer will understand that you are capable of performing the job.

Research the Facility: Before the interview, it is usually a good idea to research the urgent care facility where you will be working at. This is one of the most basic urgent care RN interview tips, and it is also one of the most effective. Find out how long the facility has been in business. Learn about the doctors that work there. You can also determine if there are certain illnesses or medical conditions that the facility focuses on. When you are familiar with the facility, you can have an educated conversation with the interviewer about where you will work and whom you will work with.

Dress Properly: Most nurses are accustomed to wearing scrubs to work. While this is common, it is probably not the best attire for an interview. Instead, wear something that looks more professional. You can visit the doctor’s office to see what type of clothing the doctors and other staff wears. If you are unsure of what to wear, business attire is always a good guide to follow. Most of the time, it is better to overdress rather than underdressing.

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Use the SAR Technique: When you are sharing stories that demonstrate your work experience and success working as an RN, it is a good idea to use the SAR technique. SAR is an acronym for situation-action-results. It helps you avoid lengthy answers and sharing unnecessary information. You can use this technique for practically any interview question and any work experience. However, it is important to prepare experiences from your nursing career ahead of time that you may want to share.

Participate in a Mock Interview. Practicing your interviewing skills is always smart. You can ask someone you know to interview you or visit a career center and set up a mock interview. These test interviews will prepare you for important interviews that really matter. The more you practice, the more confidence you will have. Practice also lessens the stress involved with interviewing. When you are practicing, make sure the mock interview consists of questions that are relevant to the job as an urgent care RN and the nursing industry. You can research questions for this specific job and industry before the mock interview.

Come Prepared. On the day of the interview, make sure to come prepared. Show up on time and bring copies of your resume in case the interviewer wants to refer to your previous experience as a nurse. This reflects how you will work as an urgent care RN, and it shows that you are serious about obtaining the job.

By following these six urgent care RN interview tips, you will have an easier time finding success during your upcoming job interview. Make the effort to prepare properly so you can make a good impression and impress the staff at the urgent care facility. Hopefully, your efforts will land you the job and you can move onto employment as an urgent care RN.