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5 Essential Wellness Nurse Interview Tips


You have crafted the perfect resume with the necessary qualifications and background, and employers are interested. Perhaps you utilized our nursing resume tips to help you set yourself up above the crowd. Don’t let that momentum falter. A killer resume will get you in the door, but an employer may speak with dozens of potential hires for a single position. If you expend all of your preparation on landing a face-to-face meeting while neglecting your interviewing technique, you may look forward to a career of incessant question-and-answer sessions rather than establishing yourself as a wellness professional.

There are many general underused interviewing skills that prove beneficial, such as sending a thank you email and card and understanding and committing a few hours researching the company’s background and philosophy. Applying these in conjunction with our wellness nurse interview tips will go far in setting you apart from the crowd.

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Wellness Nurse Interview Tips

Speak Positively About Your Experience With Senior Citizens: While caring for senior citizens has its own unique demands, it is also incredibly rewarding. Visibly demonstrate your compassion and genuine excitement for this opportunity. If you need to fake it, reconsider your career direction, because you are far likelier to face burnout and fatigue down the road without these characteristics. If you have a chance to interact with any senior citizens at any point in the interview process, take it. This includes the time before and after the official sit-down. Avoid any patronizing body language or tone of voice. While you may have to speak a little louder and slower, still attempt to engage in polite adult conversation. Demonstrating to a potential employer that you are able to interact with older adults with patience and respect will be a powerful argument in your favor.

Emphasize Multitasking Skills: As a wellness nurse, your job duties may include simultaneously navigating between multiple patients, creating unique service plans for individual residents and ensuring that they are followed, overseeing medical assistants, and providing educational programs/materials to residents and staff. The ability to juggle multiple tasks at once is a must. Whether you are specifically asked about your ability to maneuver from one assignment to the next, make sure you use at least one anecdote that underscores this essential skill.

Emphasize Communication Skills: When occupying a wellness position, you are a vital coordinator. It is critical that you are able to clearly and effectively communicate with patients as well as staff as you handle the ongoing healthcare needs of an often fragile senior population. Prepare specific examples of instances your communication skills have benefited your employers in past positions.

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Demonstrate Skilled Communication: Not only should you have specific, polished examples of previous positive communication skills, you should also actively demonstrate these abilities throughout your interview. Make clear eye contact, take a deep breath and pause before answering any questions, and speak slowly with proper enunciation. Make sure to ask clarifying questions when suitable, even if you believe you perfectly understand the question. An excellent way of doing this is to rephrase their request in your own words, for example, you might want to use a phrase such as: “just to clarify, what I am hearing you ask is Â…” Not only will this demonstrate an attention to detail and make your interviewer feel like he or she is being heard, it is a memorable marker of well-developed interpersonal skills.

Inquire Politely About Prospects for Promotion Opportunities: You always want to have a few questions prepared for the end of the interview. This is the time to politely enquire about opportunities for advancement. Not only will this highlight your ambition, it also implies you are looking for a position you can occupy long enough to move up within the organization. Skilled nurses often develop long lasting relationships with their patients. The transition of one nurse to another can be stressful on a vulnerable patient load. Anything that communicates a long term commitment will be an attractive trait to potential employers. In the event that an employer does not have a satisfying answer to this question, this is a cue that you may want to keep looking for a position that’s a better fit.

If you have been called in for an interview, you already have the basic qualifications for the job. Use these wellness nurse interview tips to make a lasting positive impression on employers and substantially increase your chances of securing your dream position.