5 Wonderful Manager Interview Tips


The job seeking process can be a challenging and rewarding experience. At this point, you have submitted a resume complete with important information about your job history and unique qualifications. Now it’s time for the first interview, a significant meeting where you will be given the opportunity to meet with an interview representative and explain why you will be a great fit for the job. From this first interview, the hiring committee will learn more about your job history and be able to interact with you in person.

While this may seem overwhelming, the first interview can be a successful one if you remain positive, professional, and showcase your skills in an authentic manner. Before the interview, you should take some time to review tips that have proven to be successful with other interviewees. The following manager interview tips will help you make a positive and lasting impression.

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Manager Interview Tips

Make Sure You Have Proper Certification: Managers are often required to have a high school diploma, and oftentimes further education is needed. If you are uncertain whether or not you have proper certifications for the position, you can always contact Human Resources. Many companies will offer specialized training programs once you have been hired for the job. Make sure to mention your certifications whenever an appropriate moment arises during the interview.

Demonstrate Strong Intrapersonal Skills: One of the most important qualities in manager is the ability to communicate professionally and effectively with coworkers and customers alike. As manager, you will be given ample responsibility, most of which involves coordinating and communicating with those who work just under you. Therefore, it is vital that you can engage with them in a positive manner and be seen as one who is easy to approach and talk to. In your first interview, these skills can be emphasized by having a positive interaction with whomever is conducting the interview. Don’t worry so much about answering each interview question perfectly. This is much less important than how the interviewer feels after talking with you. If you give the impression of being too shy or disinterested, you may not be seen as a good fit for a manager.

Emphasize Problem-Solving Skills: Anyone interested in a career in management should have the ability to problem solve and handle any conflict that should arise in the workplace. It’s the unfortunate truth that there will be many disagreements in the workplace, and it will be your job as manager to see that they are effectively resolved. It is important that each individual involved feels like he or she has been heard and dealt with in a way that is fair and professional. In your interview, you will want to showcase your ability to handle conflict effectively.

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Discuss Your Organization Skills: Managers are depended on for scheduling meetings, making schedules, and working with both small-picture and big-picture ideas. Therefore, it is vital that anyone hoping for a job in management be incredibly well organized. Ineffective management often leads to an unsuccessful business. During your interview, you will want to make sure the interviewer understands your capabilities for staying organized. Cite specific examples whenever appropriate.

Show Initiative: Another trait that will make for a strong manager is the ability to show initiative. Oftentimes, managers are required to make difficult decisions without the luxury of time or input from coworkers. The ability to make these decisions will show that you are an independent worker and are invested in the well-being of both the company and your employees. In your interview, you can show that you understand that being a manager often means making decisions that aren’t the most popular but rather the best for everyone in the long run.

While following the manager interview tips above can greatly improve the quality of your interview, the most important thing to remember is to stay true to who you are. Putting your best foot forward during the interview means showcasing your skills authentically and not trying to be something for which you are not suited. If you ace this first interview, you might be called back for a follow-up interview, and you can rest assured that you are on your way to an exciting new career in management.