6 Revealing Accounting Director Interview Tips


Once you are done writing your outstanding resume and cover letter, it is time to continue through the process of searching for employment. The next logical step is to prepare for the first job interview. If you skip this preparation, you will likely struggle to land an accounting job. Why is preparation so important? You have to make a good impression if you want an accounting director job.

Getting ready for this face-to-face interview can be difficult. There are some general tips you can follow, but you can get a leg up on the competition by looking into specific accounting director interview tips, which are sure to help you impress the hiring manager and make a lasting impact.

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Accounting Director Interview Tips

Review Your Education: For accounting directors, education is important. Most businesses will require you have at least a bachelor’s degree. In many states, you have to have specific certifications and licenses to handle financial records and file reports. Make sure your education lines up with what the company is looking for. If there are points where you fall short, figure out if they will be deal breakers.

Communicate Clearly: Directors of accounting have to be able to communicate clearly with their direct reports, customers and individuals in other departments. If you do not communicate well during the interview, you may show you’re incapable of communicating well on the job. Listen to the inquiries posed, analyze what the hiring manager is trying to learn and give the best answer possible. Clear communication can help you make a great first impression.

Emphasize Your Important Skills: Like with other jobs, there are certain skills you need to have to be an accounting director. Most companies are looking for someone who is organized, a problem solver, good at motivating people, proficient with certain computer systems and programs, and able to collaborate with peers. You need to emphasize these and other important skills as you answer any questions that come up. Of all of the accounting director interview tips, this may be the most important. If you do not highlight your skills, the employer may think you are not qualified for the job. Take the time to practice your responses to common queries.

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Highlight Personnel Experience: Whenever you interview for a management position, you have to show you have experience managing employees. This is why you should take the time to highlight your experience of personnel management. Demonstrate you are able to put together and lead high-performing teams by telling stories of your past accomplishments. Have you ever had to deal with training employees or enforcing policies? If so, you should expound on these experiences as well. Without firsthand personnel experience, you may need to get a little more creative. Explore the skills and abilities you do have that you think will help you succeed at this new position.

Understand the Outlook: Understanding the job outlook for accounting directors is an important part of finding a job, because some positions are harder to come by than others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade. This could mean there will be a lot of opportunities for growth. You should talk with the interviewer to learn more about the potential opportunities you could have with this specific company. Showing an interest in potential growth can make you a good candidate. If you want to succeed, you may push yourself to do better for the company. Ambition is often seen as a huge positive.

Dress to Impress: Finally, you have to think about what you should wear to the meeting. You do not want to over- or under-dress. What do accounting directors normally have to wear to work? This is what you should wear. As a management position, an accounting director will likely have to wear business attire. Consider wearing a nice shirt and tie to the interview or a knee-length skirt. It may be tempting to go out and buy some new clothes for the important face-to-face conference. If you do, try to wear the outfit before the interview to “break them in.” You want to look comfortable, or it could be taken as a bad sign.

Use the accounting director interview tips to prepare yourself for the entire process. Making a good first impression can lead to a second meeting and ultimately may help you land the job.