6 Critical Assistant Product Manager Interview Tips


Any day when you have completed your cover letter and resume is a good day. You have invested considerable time into ensuring that these two documents shine and effectively represent you. However, as you send out your materials for a job as an assistant product manager, you no doubt realize that you need to get ready for job interviews. There is no sense in being caught unprepared, and since your cover letter and resume are polished, hiring managers are likely getting in touch soon.

The purpose of a first interview is for an organization and a job candidate to check each other out. It is your chance to add another layer to your resume and cover letter and to demonstrate skills in areas such as communication and persuasion. It is also an opportunity for you to check out the work environment and work culture of a company to ensure you could see yourself working there and being happy there. To help your chances of succeeding in an interview, follow a few assistant product manager interview tips along with recommended best practices.

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Assistant Product Manager Interview Tips

Explain Your Understanding of What an Assistant Product Manager Does: The jobs of product manager and assistant product manager are not the same. Now is your time to clarify your understanding of the assistant position. First, use the job description to guide your explanation, and second, use any experience you have from previous or current jobs. In general, the product manager oversees general strategy for a company’s products. An assistant product manager works to understand and meet customer needs and wants, collaborates on getting the products developed and sold, and helps ensure they remain in the public eye.

Share Your Achievements: A lot goes into product research, development and marketing. For example, assistant product managers may analyze the results of a beta product launch to recommend changes before a product is finalized. Use quantifiable metrics and examples to share and back up your achievements. Did a process you implemented catch errors in a beta product? How many products have you collaborated on, and how much in profit did they bring the company?

Talk About Your Theories and Strategies on Maintaining Product Interest: One of the most difficult parts of the assistant product manager job may be trying to keep consumer interest high months or years after a product has been launched. Assistant product manager interview tips call for you to share what you have done in the past to maintain this interest, or if you lack some work experience, to discuss your theories about what is effective. For instance, you could talk about introducing complementary products.

Discuss Your Research Strategies: Research is necessary to identify consumer needs and wants, as well as to find out about competitor products. It is used in many other ways in product management. What do you do for research? How do you manage, track and delegate research? What do your timelines look like?

Sell the Company on Your Skills, Both Technical and Soft: Many job descriptions for assistant product managers call for thorough knowledge of software programs such as those sold by Microsoft. They also use adjectives such as “organized” and “adaptable.” Talk about your expertise in each skill area. Do you have examples of how you are adaptable? Can you prove your knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint, perhaps by discussing PowerPoint presentations you have given? In addition, talk about your knowledge of the company’s products. For instance, when you interview with a sporting goods company, then a passion for sports is a huge bonus and a great asset in helping you talk knowledgably about what the company sells.

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Outline Your Education: Many, if not most, assistant product manager positions require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. Talk about relevant degrees and coursework you have. Any special workshops or recent seminars are good to discuss. If you have only internship experience or limited work experience, dip into notable school projects and coursework you did to bolster your case.

These assistant product manager interview tips should serve you well beginning today. Your marketing interview is important; take the time to review the job description, and be able to explain and back up your competencies in the areas the description covers.