6 Helpful Assistant Store Manager Interview Tips


The process of applying for a new job can be a lengthy and rewarding one. If you are preparing for your first interview, that means you have successfully submitted a resume complete with your work history, qualifications, references, and unique skills. Once this resume has been received, you may be contacted for an interview should the hiring manager suspect you to be a good fit. The interview allows the company to learn more about your professional history while also getting the chance to meet you in person. This is one exciting and important aspect of the job application process.

As you are getting ready for this first interview, it will be of great benefit to you to take some time and evaluate the important characteristics of being a manager. The best thing you can do during this interview is to present yourself in an authentic manner and enthusiastically discuss your work history and reasons for being interested in the new position. These six assistant store manager interview tips will also help strengthen the quality of your first interview for a position as assistant store manager.

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Assistant Store Manager Interview Tips

Make Sure You Are Properly Certified: Those who work as assistant store managers typically only need a high school diploma. However, taking courses in business, retail, or whatever industry most closely relates to your management will be of great value to you.

Highlight Intrapersonal Skills: Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of working as a manager is the ability to interact with people successfully. As manager, you will be in charge of coordinating schedules, determining policies, and overseeing day-to-day activities of other employees. That means you should be confident in your ability to communicate with others in a way that is positive, professional, and effective. This can be demonstrated in your first interview as you are interacting with the interviewer. Be sure to speak clearly and in a way that shows you are engaged with the exchange of conversation. Having strong people skills will also ensure that the way you interact with both employees and the manager is positive and effective.

Discuss Your Ability to Organize: Assistant store managers have a great deal of responsibility and should be able to keep track of several things at once. Therefore, the ability to organize is a crucial component to management. Not only will you be responsible for your own tasks as assistant manager, but you will also be depended on to help coordinate schedules of other employees as well as the manager. Include specific examples of your organizational when asked, or work in examples of your organizational skills while answering other questions.

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Emphasize Your Initiative: The ability to take initiative is an important quality in an assistant store manager. This shows that you feel comfortable speaking with others and promoting your skills and abilities in a way that is appropriate and reasonable. Having initiative is a solid quality in this field because it shows that you feel confident enough in your own skills and reasoning to handle issues as they arise. Chances are high that the store manager will be busy with his or her own set of tasks and will greatly appreciate your ability to take initiative and make decisions that will save lots of time and effort.

Inquire About Future Advancement: While it may seem overly-confident and tacky, asking about promotion opportunities before you have officially been hired can actually demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm. In the appropriate context, you can tactfully ask about opportunities for further advancement within the field. This shows that you are committed to a long-term career and you also enjoy the opportunity for more responsibilities and challenges. You shouldn’t feel the need to shy away from these questions.

Discuss Your Leadership Abilities: Another crucial ability in the management industry is leadership. During your interview, you might explain your ability to work with others and command respect without being demanding or aggressive. Work in specific examples organically whenever possible.

When these assistant store manager interview tips are applied to your already existing passion for this position, you will have the recipe for a successful first interview. If you ace this interview, chances are you will be asked back for a follow-up. This is a sign that you are well on your way to a rewarding new career.