6 Useful Broker Interview Tips


With a superb resume and cover letter, you have landed yourself an initial job interview. This is a stepping stone on the journey to land the job. The first interview is essential, as it will play a role in determining if you and the company you are interviewing with are a good match. You and the hiring manager will exchange information, which can be seen as a selling opportunity for you to explain how you can help meet company goals, and for the hiring manager to highlight the positive aspects of the organization.

With that information in mind, you may be wondering just how to impress the hiring manager and land a second interview. Luckily, there are numerous tips out there for you to follow, both general and specific. While the general tips are beneficial for getting to know the best things to do during an interview, specific tips are even more advantageous because they tell you how to really impress a hiring manager. To get started with your preparation, take a look at these useful broker interview tips.

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Broker Interview Tips

Highlight Your Analytical Skills: Insurance brokers make good use of their analytical skills on a day-to-day basis when analyzing a claim or calculating an insurance policy cost. They must do this with precision to adequately determine the appropriate policy for each individual. Analytical skills are extremely useful when it comes to reviewing financial data. So how can you highlight your abilities? Examples are a great way to illustrate to hiring managers just how good you are in your particular area of expertise.

Check Your License: Insurance brokers are required to have a specific license in the states in which they work. Special licenses are needed for selling health and life insurance as well as casualty and property insurance. Typically, to gain a license, you will have to take specific courses and pass an exam. In many cases, continuing education is required. Before your interview, ensure you have the proper license required to sell insurance in your particular state. Having a license is essential to getting the job. In addition, specify to the hiring manager that you are continuing your training to learn about specific laws, ethics and consumer protection, if that’s true.

Show Your Self-Confidence: This could be considered among the most important out of all of the broker interview tips. It is essential for brokers to be confident in their abilities to sell, and this is especially true if you are required to make cold calls. To show the hiring manager that you are a highly confident individual, be clear and authentic when it comes to your responses. Your response quality and the way you deliver them are crucial. Additionally, be engaged in the interview and show your motivation by expressing genuine interest in the position. Your body language says a lot about your confidence as well, so remember to make eye contact.

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Review Specific Questions for Preparation: There are certain interview questions that are quite common. Taking a look at these in advance is a great way to help you prepare. Relate the questions to the insurance position, and create responses that are effective and easy to remember. Typically, talking about your accomplishments is a good way to convey your success throughout your career. By knowing what to expect, you can avoid being caught off guard. This can also help to boost your confidence throughout the interview.

Emphasize Your Organizational Skills: Organizational skills are crucial for insurance professionals, because they are constantly handling customer records and files. Additionally, they may handle policy renewals, and they must be in charge of keeping files on potential customers well-organized. In order to show a hiring manager that you are organized, discuss how you were highly efficient when it came to organization at your previous jobs.

Communication Is Important: Insurance brokers should also have outstanding communication skills. This is because they work with customers each day corresponding with them and taking their requests into consideration to ensure they suggest the best policies. When discussing your skills with the hiring manager, remember to mention your communication abilities, which includes both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Follow these broker interview tips to ensure you get the most out of your time with the hiring manager. Remember, a successful interview brings you closer to securing the job.