6 Fundamental Client Services Representative Interview Tips


Congratulations on completing an awesome cover letter and a standout resume. Even if you have yet to hear back about job interviews, it is a good idea to begin preparing now for interviews. While you may eventually be asked to come in for multiple rounds, focus only on the initial face-to-face interview for now. The point of this interview is for hiring managers to get a feel of your compatibility, experience and skills. They want to see how you communicate and how you present yourself.

As you sharpen your interview skills for this important meeting, look to good best practices to guide your way. They will help you figure out how to best explain your assets and why you would be a good match at the company. The following client services representative interview tips provide valuable information along with these general best practices. With the proper preparation, your interview should go smoothly and impressively.

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Client Services Representative Interview Tips

Showcase Your Ability to Balance Different Interests: Client services representatives are in a bit of an odd position. They advocate for their clients, but they work for a different company than the clients do. During your interview, be prepared to list examples of situations in which you have successfully balanced these apparently competing interests. For instance, suppose one of your clients was unhappy about a service provided, yet the company technician maintained he or she did everything properly and that the client’s complaint is groundless. How did you, as a client services representative, address that problem?

Detail Your Technical Knowledge: Technical, specialized knowledge is especially important for middle-level and high-level representative positions. During the interview, explain relevant degrees, coursework, certifications, workshops and seminars you have participated in that tie into the specialized material the company provides. As far as client services representative interview tips go, technical knowledge could be what really sets you apart from other interviewees.

Explain the Anatomy of Your Typical Complaint Resolution Process: At some point, you will likely be asked to explain how you deal with client issues and complaints. If you have yet to give conscious thought to how you deal, now is the time. For instance, do you first express understanding of the situation (i.e. “Oh, no. How distressing! I want to get this resolved as quickly as possible, too.”)? From there, perhaps you ask questions to ascertain that both you and the client are on the same page. There is no right or wrong process, but be sure you are aware of yours and that it mirrors the values of the company you are interviewing with.

Discuss the Importance of Documentation: Documentation is a key part of a client services representative’s job. Among other functions, it tracks communications with clients and keeps a running tally of what approaches have been effective. Discuss the documentation processes you have used and any approaches you think are or could be particularly useful.

Focus on Your Organizational Skills: Client services representatives juggle many items at the same time. You may have communications out to several people at your company as well as communications out to several clients on different issues. Explain how you organize everything and how you are able to focus on a specific client’s problems without letting other issues take over. Give examples to personalize your answer and to add credibility to what you are saying.

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Ask Questions: You show enthusiasm about the company when you inquire about ongoing opportunities for education and training. Issues you may want to touch on include tuition reimbursement, conferences, professional association meetings and seminars. You should also ask about the company’s process for responding to client issues. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and you certainly do want to know what you are getting into. In some cases, you may have a good idea already. You can say that the research you’ve found from the company’s website or whatever source is impressive, and you just want to verify/double check that their process works this way. This shows you’re serious about the job and have done your research.

Taking advantage of these client services representative interview tips may help you make a positive first impression during your customer service interview. Careful preparation means increased chances of being called in for second interviews and landing the job.