6 Important Customer Care Manager Interview Tips


You’ve put in significant time and effort, and now you have a brilliant cover letter and an attractive resume to show for your efforts. While you wait to be contacted about job interviews, start your preparations for these critically important meetings. A customer care manager generally oversees a company’s customer service operations, or one aspect of the customer service operations. It’s important to review the job description several times so that you can anticipate the skills and experience you will be asked about.

The point of a first job interview is for both you and the hiring manager to get an idea of how well you, the position and the company fit. A few good interview practices will light the way for your interview preparation. Couple them with the following customer care manager interview tips to get the best from your preparatory efforts. Hopefully, both you and the interviewer will decide that a great match is in the works.

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Customer Care Manager Interview Tips

Apply Your Experience to the Position: Customer care managers work in a wide variety of settings, such as retail stores, call centers and even manufacturing. Perhaps your interview is for a call center, and you have only worked in retail stores. Be sure to tie your experience into how it stands to inform your work at the position you are interviewing for. Some hard skills, such as software program knowledge, will be transferable. Fortunately, the transferability rate for soft skills should be close to 100 percent, if not actually 100 percent. For instance, the ability to think quickly on your feet applies across a broad spectrum of industries.

Give Examples That Prove Your Ability to Shine: Abstract concepts only go so far. Give specific, concrete examples of times when you have shone in customer service. For instance, did you develop an interactive training program for new customer service associates? How have you kept such high customer retention rates?

Discuss Your Philosophy on Customer Service: The company’s job posting, its website and various Internet resources should have given you a good idea on where the company stands on customer service. Talking with current and former employees is also a good way to get this information. With these details in mind, develop a philosophy on customer service that incorporates these elements. For example, if the company takes an employees-first, customers-second approach because it believes that happy employees deliver better customer service, you could discuss how and why that approach is in tune with your philosophy.

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Detail Your Specialized Training: Coursework and ongoing education, such as workshops, always serve as impressive indicators of your credentials. Because the field of customer service provides lots of opportunities for training, you do not want to draw a blank when asked about your educational credentials. Pretty much anything can be applied to communications and relating to people, and, in turn, to customer service. If you feel you are somewhat lacking in this aspect, you could take online customer service training modules, seek out a mentor, join a professional association, or sign up for classes.

Talk About Your Managerial Expertise: Among the key customer care manager interview tips is to explain why you are a great manager. Discuss your managerial expertise, using a blend of technical knowledge, soft skills, educational credentials and hands-on experience to make your case. Keep your answer on-target as to managerial expertise. This can be tricky, especially if you’ve never worked as a full manager or even as an assistant manager. In such cases, you probably want to emphasize educational courses, such as those in management and leadership. Also, talk about leading teams and other leadership experience you possess. Feel free to go back to college or high school days if the situation is applicable. For example, were you editor-in-chief of your school newspaper? How did you manage operations?

Ask Thoughtful Questions: Many interviews begin drawing to a close on this question: “Is there anything you’d like to ask?” Take advantage of this opportunity to ask thoughtful questions, such as these dealing with career progression and what the company culture is like. You could say something like, “I saw on your website that you provide ongoing education opportunities through tuition reimbursement. I’ve found that the workshops given by [organization] are pretty useful; do you have experience with that group?”

Employing these customer care manager interview tips should help you make a great first impression during your customer service interview. Start preparing today!