6 Valuable Emergency Room Nurse Interview Tips


Your well-written resume and cover letter have paid off and now you have a chance to ace the first interview. With a little preparation, know-how and these emergency room nurse interview tips, you will be able to share all the essential details with the hiring managers and put yourself in a great position to land the job.

The initial interview is all about first impressions, so come prepared to paint the best possible picture of your qualifications and experience. Interviewers will be looking for candidates who can think on their toes and who have the job history and skills necessary to step into this fast-paced position and succeed. Use general best practices, such as dressing for success and arriving early, as well as these emergency room nurse interview tips to ensure a triumphant first meeting.

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Emergency Room Nurse Interview Tips

Double Check Your Certifications and Experience: In order to be considered for the position, you will need a current license issued through your state. Hiring managers will want to confirm that you have passed the National Council Licensure Examination. If you have also passed the Certified Emergency Nurses Examination, it is essential that you make that known during the interview, as it sets you apart from other applicants who haven’t taken that extra step.

Emphasize Your Ability to Stay Cool Under Pressure: Probably the most vital characteristic of an emergency room nurse is the ability to make accurate, life-saving decisions quickly and in high-stress situations. You can emphasize your ability to stay calm through steady verbal communication and relaxed body language. Be sure to practice a few responses in front of a mirror before the meeting and avoid any nervous body language, such as brushing back your hair or laughing too loudly or often. When discussing your skills and experience, speak confidently and honestly to convey a sense of your dependability.

Highlight Your Experience: In order to land the job, you are going to need to spend some time during the interview giving details regarding your past experience. Whether you have spent a great deal of prior time in an emergency care setting or not, pick out a few key events during your prior employment and plan to highlight those during the conversation. Pick events that include you providing top-notch care in time-sensitive situations, if possible. Rather than memorizing scripted answers, jot down a few notes regarding each event and be prepared to paint a vivid picture for the interviewers so they can truly understand your competence and skill level.

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Share Your Success Stories: Have you received special recognition, accolades, or been called out by a physician for a job well done? This kind of recognition can go a long way in establishing your credentials, so plan to bring them up at an appropriate time during the question and answer session. Have you ever helped to reorganize procedures so a department ran smoother or patient satisfaction increased? Give details of what you did and the ensuing results so that the hiring managers will understand your dedication to the success of the entire medical team.

Combat Objections: Emergency room nurses must always stay calm and professional under pressure or negative attention, and the interviewers may want to test your capabilities there. Many times during a first interview, hiring staff will raise objections regarding your qualifications, experience or fit with the team. Don’t panic if this happens during your meeting. Consider it an opportunity to bring up a specific success story and to prove that you can meet challenges head-on with winning results. Practice responding to a few common objection statements before your scheduled interview so that you can respond confidently and positively.

Point Out Your Unique Characteristics: You have heard the old adage, “The most qualified person isn’t the one who gets the job.” While credentials certainly matter, the hiring staff is looking for more than just a passing grade on your nursing exams. They want someone who will fit with the team and provide the type of care they can count on in a crisis. Do you have a knack for calming terrified kids or keeping a department on schedule? These are the kinds of personal details that will stick in an interviewer’s mind and may give you an advantage over the competition. Come prepared to share a little bit about what makes you unique and how those characteristics will add to the medical team.

Using these emergency room nurse interview tips can help with advanced preparation and a confident approach. Selling yourself with effective tactics will ultimately lead to a successful first interview.