6 Essential Emirates Flight Attendant Interview Tips


Whether you have spent years behind a customer service desk or have only had flight attendant experience, your hard work, research and determination when it came to your cover letter and resume paid off big time: It’s time for the face-to-face interview with Emirates Airlines. Passing this part of the job-search process is key to landing this globally coveted position, and you will want to prepare with some Emirates flight attendant interview tips.

There are always general tips that you should research and follow to succeed in any interview. This includes elements such as how to shake hands, speak, and dress and behave professionally. These are necessary for an overall successful experience, but to prepare for this specific customer service job in the sky, you will want some extra help. Take a look at these six essential Emirates flight attendant interview tips to impress the employer and increase your chances at landing that next job.

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Emirates Flight Attendant Interview Tips

Convey to the Interviewer That You Are Well Put Together: Emirates flights are known for their keen sense of fashion and professional appearance, and this is portrayed in the streamlined image they have created for their crew members, including flight attendants. The trademark look includes bright apple reds against a neutral beige, pinned up and smoothed hair, ironed and symmetrical clothing, and an overall clean look. While you should not expect to show up wearing the trademark colors of the company, it is key that you put extra effort into the way you look, from the cleanliness of your shoes or the creases in your pants to the style of your hair. If fashion or trend-following is not of much interest to you, consider asking a friend to help you put together a day-of plan.

Showcase a Bubbly Attitude No Matter What: To complement the image you portray with your looks, you should know that Emirates and most customer service companies prioritize a friendly attitude in all of their flight attendants and crew. From the moment you enter the location of the interview and greet the first person, be courteous and outgoing, always willing to chat. Hold doors open for people when the opportunity arises, and do anything that can be construed as helpful.

Do Not Be Shy, and Use Your Communication Skills Thoroughly: You are not only responsible for making Emirates clients feel at ease on their various flights around the world, but you are also in charge of conveying a great deal of important information, such as safety, emergency, bathroom, and food and beverage policies. You can showcase your communication skills by listening intently to the interviewer and genuinely thinking about what is said or asked. Follow up by answering in a direct and thoughtful way without going on tangents or including irrelevant information.

Be Ready to Discuss Customer Service Stories: Flights you will take as an Emirates flight attendant may be many hours long, and maintaining a solid customer service mentality is key for all employees. While you may not have prior flight attendant experience, you should come up with two to three stories where you have gone above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. This can include anything from organizing reservations or personally overseeing personal requests to resolving issues in a timely manner.

Focus on Your Love of Travel and Learning: In this position you will most likely travel the globe for long periods of time, so only those who have a keen interest in traveling and seeing the world may grab the attention of interviewers. This is also an opportunity to discuss your flexibility and willingness to be gone from your hometown for as long as necessary.

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Research Typical Safety Protocol for the Specific Company: Safety is often going to be your main concern as a flight attendant, so especially if you have no prior experience with in-flight customer service, it is useful to learn something about the way the company has set up safety policies. You may be asked what you would do under certain emergency circumstances, and this information will be essential to answering them knowledgeably.

You spent the time and preparation to create a resume that presented the very best you, so now you need to carry that into the interview room. Use these six Emirates flight attendant interview tips to increase the likelihood that you will take to the skies with your new customer service job.