6 Essential Forensic Accountant Interview Tips


What comes after resume building and cover letter writing? The answer is simple: You have to go to job interviews followed by more meetings which, if all goes well, could end in a job offer. These face-to-face meetings with your potential employers are a decisive part of actually getting a position. If you do not live up to the person described in your resume, the hiring manager may have no interest in hiring you. You have to make a good impression.

There are a lot of tips out there that can help you learn the ins and outs of doing well at this type of consultation. You can go over commonly asked questions and superb answers. You can learn about using your body language to exude confidence. While these general tips are great, you may want to look at specific forensic accountant interview tips. Learn what you need so you can really hit the key points needed to wow the interviewer.

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Forensic Accountant Interview Tips

Stress Your Analyzing Skills: A forensic accountant has to be analytical. One of the main tasks is to investigate and analyze financial information for legal purposes. You can expect the hiring manager to ask a pointed question about your analytical prowess, but feel free to bring it up on your own if the opportunity arises. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the ability to analyze financial information is one of the most important skills an accountant of any type, but especially a forensic accountant, can possess. If you have it, you should stress that fact.

Underline Your Organizational Skills: Another important trait is your eye for organization. In the accounting industry, it is common for professionals to have many documents, reports and filings they have to keep straight. If you are not organized, you may end up misplacing important evidence for the case you are working on. Again, the employer will likely want proof of this proficiency, but you should talk about your organization skills when possible.

Emphasize the Importance of Ethics: Ethics play an important role in this profession. Because you will be tasked with investigating potentially private financial information, you have to be able to use your integrity. Let the hiring manager know that being ethical is important to you. Ethics is so important that the AICPA even has codes of conduct that accountants should strive to follow. Show your integrity throughout the meeting by answering questions honestly and sincerely. This characteristic may help set you apart from the other applicants.

Communicate Well: Communication is a key part of many professions. The best way to showcase your ability to communicate is to put it into action during the meeting. You should not have to boast about your ability to communicate orally because the interviewer should see it firsthand. Not only is communication an important part of being a forensic accountant, but without this ability, you will not be able to expound on your skills. Without proper communication, you may seem like a poor candidate for the position. You can ensure you communicate well by practicing for the interview and keeping these forensic accountant interview tips in mind.

Understand the Outlook: As a forensic accountant, you will have opportunities to work for consulting firms, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, insurance companies, financial institutions and government organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this occupation is expected to grow quickly over the next decade. This information can help you in your interview because it shows that there is a lot of room for growth. You need to have the right credentials, like a bachelor’s degree, Certified Fraud Examiner, Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant.

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Dress for the Occasion: One important part of this big meeting is how you look. If you go to the interview in a graphic T-shirt and ripped jeans, you likely are not going to make a good impression. At the same time, you do not want to overdress for the occasion. A prom dress or tuxedo is likely a no go. To play it safe, wear appropriate business attire. Take the time to check for stains, wrinkles and lint the night before your big meeting. Whatever you wear, try to be sure you are comfortable.

Interviews can be nerve wracking. With these essential forensic accountant interview tips, you will be better prepared to land the big, new job.