6 Essential Front Desk Receptionist Interview Tips


You spent countless hours perfecting your resume and cover letter to land an interview, and it worked! Your effort hasn’t gone unnoticed, so now’s your chance to shine. During your first interview to become a front desk receptionist, the hiring manager is looking for signs you’ll fit in with the organization and that your skills and job history match the position. You’ll spend this time selling them on you beyond the kinds of details that a resume can showcase.

You’ll prepare for this interview by brushing up on standard interview questions and techniques, as well as reviewing your resume. The more research you do and the more you practice, the better you’ll feel in the hot seat on the big day. Your goal will be to make yourself shine and prove to the hiring manager that you are the only person fit to fill this position. The following front desk receptionist interview tips will help set you apart from the crowd and reach a positive outcome.

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Front Desk Receptionist Interview Tips

Embody the Role From Start to Finish: A receptionist is the face of the company, and a smiling face goes a long way in creating a good impression with clients and colleagues alike. Remaining consistently pleasant and helpful will help convince the hiring manager that you will look great sitting behind the reception desk. This advice applies also to the words you choose to use and the way you interact with everyone you meet at the organization. Make sure every interaction showcases your positive attitude and agreeable disposition.

Be Gracious: The receptionist role often acts as a helper to many positions throughout the organization. As a result, the ability to respond well to authority and be consistently helpful is paramount. Come prepared with copies of your resume and offer to hand them out to all the interviewers. Ask which seat to use and try not to dominate the conversation. Use every opportunity to show the hiring manager you’re confident but accommodating and capable of rolling with the punches.

Come Armed With Examples: You’ll likely be faced with customers, employees and vendors in this role, so anything can happen. Your interviewer will want to know how you manage problems and people, so be prepared to share times you’ve done so in the past. Make a list of the different situations you’ve come across where you’ve excelled, so you’ll have an example at the ready in which you’re the star.

Know Why You Want the Job: Whether this will be a lateral move, a step back or a move forward, the hiring manager will want to understand why you’re hoping to leave your current role for this one. When hiring a front desk receptionist, the hiring manager wants to ensure you’ll be willing to hold the job for long enough to make your training worthwhile. Take a moment to reflect on the reasons you applied for this position, and be prepared to explain all the things you’ll love about the job.

Be Focused: In this position, you’ll likely have to manage multiple priorities without skipping a beat. During the interview, make sure to remain focused on the interviewer and offer eye contact and undivided attention. A red flag will come up if you’re unable to focus on one person, because how will you ever focus on several people at once?

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Exude Confidence: You’re vying for the opportunity to represent this company, and confidence is key. When you’re sitting behind the front desk, everyone who calls, emails or walks in the door should feel like the organization they’re visiting is well-organized and managed. Even if there are struggles behind closed doors, the receptionist is responsible for creating a calm, confidence façade. If you’re nervous about the interview, create a list of all the reasons you’ll be great at the job. Not only will they help you to answer other interview questions, they’ll also increase your assurance and help you keep a poised expression during the interview.

Following these front desk receptionist interview tips will help you wow your interviewer and show you’re a step above the rest. Once you succeed at your first interview, a call back is sure to follow. You’re well on your way to landing a new job offer!