6 Vital Insurance Agent Interview Tips


Your efforts to create an impressive resume and cover letter have paid off and the time has come to showcase your abilities in an interview. Before meeting your potential employer face-to-face, spend time familiarizing yourself with basic best practices used by effective interviewees in any industry. First impressions are key and are often decided based on appearance, behavior and communication skills.

During the interview you will have the chance to share information about your experience and skills. You will want to be prepared to answer questions effectively while ensuring that you get the chance to communicate all the key talking points you have prepared. The following insurance agent interview tips will help in convincing the hiring team that you are the right fit for the position.

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Insurance Agent Interview Tips

Highlight Your Friendly Personality: While insurance agents may sell a variety of types of coverage or deal with different industries, they have one commonality: they are all working to sell a product to the general public. A friendly personality is key and your interview is the perfect time to introduce yourself in a way that indicates you will be a great representative for the company. Smile, use polite language and be upbeat. These are the exact characteristics that will make you successful on a day-to-day basis and interviewers will take notice.

Emphasize Your Attention to Detail: The insurance world is filled with details, variances and regulations. In order to show that you can adeptly handle all the nuances the job requires, be detailed in both your appearance and responses. Avoid generalized answers and prepare to share a few of your own past success stories that required detailed problem solving or organization. Before you enter the facility, check your clothes and appearance for any issues. Bring a pocket-sized lint roller and a toothbrush with you and do a final check to be sure your appearance is neat and clean.

Showcase Your Excellent Verbal Skills: The ability to share essential information accurately through a phone call is vital to success as an insurance agent, and the interview is the perfect showcase for your communication abilities. While it’s not a good idea to memorize responses, you should come with several well thought out selling points regarding your skills and abilities. Look for opportunities to use these details as responses to the questions you are asked.

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Be Prepared With the Correct Licenses: Many employers require only a high school diploma, but insurance agents must carry current licenses for their state. Do your research beforehand if you are not already licensed and either begin the process or at least have a plan in place for becoming licensed should they offer you the job. If you carry additional licenses, such as a Series 6 or Series 7 license, be sure to mention these as personal selling points, as they increase the amount and types of products you are able to offer to consumers.

Ask About the Company’s Customer Service Culture: Every insurance company has individualized ideas and a specific culture regarding how they will best serve their customer’s needs. Take the opportunity to open a dialogue about these ideas. Share past experiences you have had that fit in with the style of customer service they offer, even if those experiences come from a different industry.

Close the Deal: An insurance agent, like any good salesperson, always closes the deal, and the end of your job interview is the perfect time to emphasize your ability to do just that. Use the conclusion of the conversation to express interest in the job and to ask questions regarding follow up. Since this is a sales position, it is appropriate to ask for the job as part of your final remarks, if you feel comfortable doing so and if you feel the conversation went well. While you may be asked to wait a few days for a response, your follow through can help show that you are prepared to successfully close sales deals for the company.

Utilizing these insurance agent interview tips is a great way to prepare for and succeed during your interview. If you are called back for a second meeting, be sure to prepare additional information, as companies are usually looking for more depth the second time they talk with you. Ultimately, highlighting your qualities and experience that qualify you for the position will give you the highest chances of landing the job.