6 Valuable Insurance Broker Interview Tips


Once you’ve created a stellar resume and cover letter, it’s essential to prepare for the third step in the job hunt: the initial interview. This meeting is the perfect setting for you to showcase your skills and successes while the hiring staff gets to know your personality and strengths. They will be determining to what extent your qualifications fit the job and whether or not they’d like to bring you back for a second interview.

There are a variety of general tips that can help you succeed during this first meeting, and you should utilize those, as well as more specialized advice, to make a good first impression. Setting yourself up for success begins with thinking and talking through the details you want to make sure to discuss during the meeting. Use the following insurance broker interview tips to enhance your preparations and create a favorable impression of yourself.

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Insurance Broker Interview Tips

Share Your Licenses and Certifications: In the insurance industry, licenses are an essential indicator of eligibility for employment. Be prepared with documentation for all your current licenses or endorsements and a plan or schedule of any continuing education courses or licensing exams you are pursuing. Knowing you are legally ready to begin work is a key element that interviewers will be looking for.

Focus on Relevant Experience: One of the most helpful insurance broker interview tips is to prepare several talking points regarding your relevant experience in the insurance industry in advance. Instead of memorizing answers, which can come across forced during a conversation, make lists of your specific experiences and then communicate freely about your previous successes. When you have an idea of what you want to say before the meeting begins, you will find that many of these past experiences fit as answers to the questions you will be asked.

Showcase your Salesmanship: Selling with service and a smile is essential in the insurance industry. Use your answers to showcase your best sales strategies. Share examples of your approaches, if they are relevant and fit with the company’s culture.

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Ask for the Job: When you are applying for a job in the insurance industry, the company will be relying on you to close sales to ensure profit. Hiring staff will be scrutinizing your sales abilities, and there is almost no better way to give them a real-life example than to ask for the job at the close of the interview. Be sure the meeting has gone well and then politely ask for job or a follow-up interview during your concluding discussion. This bold step will at least make your conversation memorable, which is exactly what you need for landing this job.

Emphasize Your Communication Skills: An insurance broker is in constant communication with clients, potential customers, large corporations and underwriters. Negotiating these relationships requires impeccable verbal and written conversation skills. If you are bringing written material to your interview, double and triple check it for errors. Be careful in your conversation and use your answers to communicate clear, focused ideas. Try to craft your answers to fit the company’s culture, customer-service philosophy and business style whenever possible.

Prepare for Objections: Insurance brokers must stay calm, collected and professional when dealing with clients, and interviewers often use objections to test your ability to respond under pressure. They may raise questions such as “I’m concerned you don’t have enough experience for the job,” or make statements like, “We are worried about the number of jobs you have held over the last few years.” Prior to the interview, take some time to predict several likely objections and then practice responding to them. Avoid the temptation to become defensive and instead use the objections to raise examples of your prior successes and to sell yourself as the most qualified applicant for the position.

Going into the interview with clear ideas of what you would like to communicate is the best way to sell your skill set and experience to the hiring team. Utilizing these insurance broker interview tips will prepare you for the first meeting and can help you stand out during subsequent conversations. Be sure to verbally thank your interviewers and send a follow-up email and card to express your appreciation for the opportunity to meet with them. When the time comes for their final decision, they will remember your ability to sell yourself as an asset to the industry and the bottom line.