6 Advantageous Insurance Customer Service Associate Interview Tips


Whether this will be your first job in customer service or if you have been working in the field for years, you are going to need a first-class resume and cover letter to really impress the hiring manager. However, those materials are only half the battle. You still need to hope that you get a call or email asking you to come in for an interview. Even then you will need to prepare thoroughly if you want to become an insurance customer service associate.

A standout resume is the important first step, but a great interview is just as key. Employers will only know for certain whether they want to work with you if they actually get a chance to meet you in person. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Brush up on your interviewing skills and follow these insurance customer service associate interview tips to show why you are the best person for the position.

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Insurance Customer Service Associate Interview Tips

Show That You Are Able to Be Trained: As a customer service associate you will be starting at the bottom of the organization, and the hope is that you will grow within the job and one day move up to a more managerial position. Perhaps with enough training you could become an insurance agent or consultant. During the interview, it will work to your advantage if you can point to a time when you started as a novice and developed a necessary skill. It is okay to not be an expert in the insurance industry, but you should convey to the interviewer that you are more than willing to learn.

Highlight Your Eye for Detail: An insurance customer service associate will generally be tasked with handling a great deal of paperwork at the company as well as performing data entry. In other words, you will need to be capable of performing repetitive tasks over and over again and ensure perfection each time. Therefore, it is beneficial if you can provide examples that show how you are detail-oriented.

Emphasize Problem-Solving Skills: Part of working in customer service entails dealing with a wide range of personalities from clients and insurance providers. It is not unheard of for people to get unreasonably angry, and while this is not an ideal situation you should be able to resolve the problem effectively. If you have prior experience working in customer service, then you should relate a story to the interviewer about a time when you had to diffuse a situation. The focus of the anecdote should be on what you did to help the customer and what resulted positively from it.

Show That You Know Something About the Company: Interviewers are going to expect that you have done at least a little research on the business. The reason why you want to take a look at the company’s website before going to the meeting is that you do not want to say something that shows your ignorance. For example, some insurance companies offer specialized types of insurance, so you would not want to say how you are excited to help people acquire auto insurance if the organization only deals with life insurance. Spend some time before the interview doing your homework.

Know Your Strengths: Customer service jobs typically get a lot of attention from job seekers. A ton of other people might be vying for the same position, so you need to be prepared to state why you are different. Have about two minutes’ worth of material ready that accurately summarizes what you bring to the table. This is effectively your sales pitch, and it is your opportunity to show what unique characteristics you offer.

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Ask Good Questions: The hiring manager should not be the only one asking questions during this interview. Be prepared to ask a few of your own at the end. This should not be related to how much you will be making or what kind of benefits you will get. Instead, ask something such as, “From your experience, what kinds of people have been most effective at providing customer service?”

Successfully getting a job is a lot of hard work, but in the end it is most certainly worth it. These insurance customer service associate interview tips should give you a good idea of what you need to do during your next interview.