6 Great Insurance Office Manager Interview Tips


Once you have applied for a job with your well-organized resume and insightful cover letter, then it’s time to shine in the first interview. The initial interview is an important step in the job application process because it is the true first impression your potential employer will have of you. Interviewers need to use the time spent in the meeting to determine if your listed knowledge and skills are accurate and if you would be a good fit for the company. They may ask you to elaborate on your past work experience or your education, or to discuss specific examples of when you dealt with similar situations as those you will find in an insurance office.

You can also use the interview to show off what makes you different than other candidates and elaborate on how your work history translates into applicable skills. You need to be as prepared as possible, and some general interview practices apply no matter what job you are going after. But to give yourself the best chance for the job, you should keep these insurance office manager interview tips in mind.

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Insurance Office Manager Interview Tips

Come With Examples of Management Skills: One of the most important insurance office manager interview tips you can abide by is to come prepared to discuss your management skills. As an insurance office manager you will need to work with people from many backgrounds in several departments within the company. You will also work with outside companies for supply orders, IT work orders and other issues, so you will need to show your potential employer that you work well with people. Think of examples where you managed a project or discuss your past management positions to show you have the necessary skills. Try to include examples of how you managed conflict or when you were able to resolve an issue, as managers regularly have to think critically to solve problems.

Make a List of Software You Know: You will probably have computer skills listed on your resume, but offering specifics during the interview will prove helpful. Make a list of software you have used before as well as the amount of experience you have with each. As an insurance office manager, you should have some familiarity with web browsers, databases, web-based customer service software and computer programs. This shows off your skills and lets your employer know how much training you will require.

Demonstrate Your Organizational Skills: Another of the most vital insurance office manager interview tips is to come to the interview organized and prepared with other examples of how your organizational system benefited your past employers. An insurance office manager needs to stay on top of everything from the supply closet to time clocks, and you need to show that you can manage the responsibilities. You can list examples of how you helped organized things at your previous job or describe your personal organizational system.

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Ask the Right Questions: When you are interviewing for a position like an office manager, you will undoubtedly have questions about how the office runs day in and day out. You should ask how many employees are at the company, who you will be in charge of and what exact work responsibilities you can expect. Every insurance company office will be a little different, so it is important to know the particulars about how this specific company works.

Show Off Your Insurance Knowledge: While professional companies have some similar duties for the office manager, there will be some differences from business to business, especially when working for an insurance company. Experience with insurance may not be required, but it is still best to do some research or otherwise prepare to discuss what you do know about working in the insurance industry. If you have experience in the field, this is the time to highlight it. If you are new to the industry, talk about how you have adapted and learned the ins and outs of a trade before, and how you will be able to do the same thing with the new position.

Dress Professionally for the Interview: When you become an office manager at an insurance company you will probably be expected to dress in professional business or business-casual attire. Showing up to the interview dressed as you would for the first day of work helps not only give your interviewer a good first impression, but it also shows you know what to expect from the dress code.