6 Public Relations Media Coordinator Interview Tips


When you get that call to schedule your interview, you know you have passed the first hurdle in the job application process. Better yet, you know your résumé is top of the line, and the company is looking at you as a potential candidate. The interview is your time to showcase your abilities and convince the hiring manager that the company need look no further for their next public relations expert.

From the start, you want to make the best possible impression on the hiring manager. You can find plenty of ideas online for interview best practices that will sway the interviewer in your favor from the initial salutation to the final handshake to the follow-up thank-you note. These public relations media coordinator interview tips can help you put your best foot forward, highlighting the skills and qualities that make you an ideal candidate for the job and leaving the hiring manager with a lasting, positive impression.

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Public Relations Media Coordinator Interview Tips

Showcase Interpersonal Skills: As a public relations media coordinator, you will be responsible for dealing with clients, the public and the media. Thus, you should use the interview to demonstrate a high level of interpersonal skills. Illustrate your ability to network and your willingness to listen to, understand and address the questions and concerns of others. Your talents in this field will improve company image and ensure positive relationships with clients and coworkers.

Build Rapport: One way to showcase your interpersonal skills is to build rapport with the interviewer. Don’t just answer the interviewer’s questions. Ask some questions of your own. Strike up a conversation. This will help you gain insights into the company, and you can build off this information to show the interviewer how you can contribute to the business. This strategy will make you a memorable candidate.

Communication Is Key: One of the most vital public relations media coordinator interview tips is to communicate clearly. As a public relations media coordinator, you are responsible for reaching out to the public, shaping the company image and sharing client and company profiles, aims and strategies.

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At a bare minimum, this means that you must be able to speak and write clearly because you will be authoring press releases, speeches and pitches and overseeing media communications. Your interview affords you the chance to communicate clearly face to face with the hiring manager and highlight relevant education, such as a major in English or journalism, that might help you succeed in your job.

Display Your Problem-Solving Abilities: As a public relations media coordinator, you must lead through effective troubleshooting. At times, you will be in charge of multiple concurrent events, so you will face plenty of problem-solving scenarios. You need to be able to handle a fast-paced work environment. Organization and time management greatly increase your chances of successfully overcoming challenges. During your interview, you may have the chance to demonstrate your problem-solving skills on the spot by addressing any concerns the hiring manager may voice.

Demonstrate Good Judgment: In your work in public relations, you will determine what type of information to share on particular issues. Such decisions call for sound judgment and taste in your communications. You want to show the interviewer that you can address sensitive issues publicly without violating confidentiality expectations. In times of trouble, you may be responsible for damage control, which means you need to be able present problems in a positive, forward-thinking light. Your conduct in the interview will give the hiring manager some idea of both your discretion and your ability to craft favorable presentations.

Present a Portfolio: One great way to show the hiring manager you possess all the skills and qualities discussed above is through a portfolio of previous work. You have plenty of choices in terms of what materials to include. Samples of past communications, such as press releases, reports or other writing, offer concrete evidence of your communication skills. If your portfolio demonstrates how you respond to challenges, you have a powerful tool to support your claim as a problem solver. If you are just starting out on your career in public relations, you can base your portfolio on relevant writing examples and knowledge gained from school, internships and other work experiences.

A successful interview is key to obtaining your dream job. Make sure you create the best possible impression on your interviewer, highlight your greatest skills and underscore your qualifications by following these public relations media coordinator tips.