6 Fundamental Sales Associate Interview Tips


Searching for a job can be a tedious process, and if you’ve finally gotten an interview with an organization that you admire, you’ve got to do whatever you can to make an impact. Along with the cover letter and resume, a great interview is the final factor that can get you successfully hired in customer service. Hiring managers want to get a sense of who you are and how you work when they meet you in person. Following the basic sales associate interview tips can get your file pushed to the top of all of the rest.

Before you even step foot into the interviewer’s office, it’s a good idea to do a little homework about the position and the organization. The sheer number of online tools makes it easy to get what you need. You also need to be an expert in explaining and selling yourself to an employer. If you struggle with making yourself shine, take some time to practice answering possible interview questions by yourself or with a friend. Then you can come into the interview with a stronger sense of self and secure the job easily.

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Sales Associate Interview Tips

Dress Professionally: One of the more essential sales associate interview tips involves your outfit. Since sales associates are often representatives of a company, it’s important to dress appropriately. Hiring managers want to see you dressed in a way that is professional, making them confident of your ability to represent the organization well. Before you go into your interview invest in a high-quality interview suit that is clean, wrinkle-free and well-fitting. Pair your outfit with muted accessories that make you ready to be hired.

Use Your Amazing Communication Skills: Sales associates are required to communicate in many ways with customers. In most sales roles an employee must have in-person interactions, requiring an excellent verbal communication ability. During your interview the hiring manager may be evaluating your verbal skills, so it’s important to choose your words wisely. Use a professional tone, but also make sure you speak clearly and at an appropriate volume.

Be Personable and Friendly: Your personality is another one of the key aspects of a successful interview. For a job that is associated with sales, it’s important to maintain a personable and friendly demeanor. Customers may feel more at ease with associates who can maintain a friendly conversation. Drawing people into conversation can also help associates generate additional sales as well, so your interviewer may be looking for you to display this type of personality. If you’re a little shy, do your best to come across as open by asking questions and displaying interest during the interview.

Detail Your Top Customer Service Skills: Another of the essential sales associate interview tips has to do with customer service skills. Hiring managers are looking for individuals who can successfully handle customer concerns. You need to present yourself as helpful and eager to please the customer. The best thing to do to prove your skills is to detail specific situations as examples. Talk about positive results that you achieved when dealing with customers.

Talk About Teamwork Importance: Interviewers for sales associates also want to see solid evidence of teamwork skills. Most organizations rely on their employees to work well together, so you must be able to prove you can function within a team. You can talk about some issues you have encountered, but most of all keep it positive. Have a few good examples of your collaborative skills ready to discuss, so you can show the hiring manager your capabilities.

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Demonstrate a Solid Ability to Reach Goals: The last important tip addresses your ability to reach goals. Each company may have its own unique objective that sales associates must strive to achieve. If you have a strong record of being able to reach quantitative goals, be sure to bring that topic into the interview. Talk about the different objectives your past company had, and be sure to show that you reached each objective. You can put yourself into the spotlight by giving impressive examples of how your work ability has led to company success.

Getting a sales associate job in the customer service industry requires a special set of skills that in most cases can be demonstrated during the interview. Bring your resume skills to life by showing a hiring manager why offering you a job is a great decision. That way you can start reaching your own career goals and successes.