7 Essential Customer Service Customer Care Representative Interview Tips


Your delicately crafted resume and cover letter have landed you the interview you’ve been dreaming of. The first interview is an opportunity to show the hiring manager how your personality and basic skills will be an asset to the organization. The interviewer will want to know details about your job history and the ways you excel in your current role to determine how you’ll fit into this new position.

In preparation for your first interview, it’s always a good idea to study basic interview questions and skills of successful interviewees. You’ll want to prepare answers to typical interview questions as well as look for ways to highlight your best skills. With a confident demeanor and stellar interview prep, you’ll be well on your way to convincing the hiring manager that no one can fill the job like you. The customer service customer care representative interview tips below are sure to lead you to interview success.

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Customer Service Customer Care Representative Interview Tips

Keep Your Game Face On: From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you’ll be leaving an impression on everyone you meet. Don’t assume that people passing you in the hallway or sitting behind the reception desk don’t get a say in who gets hired. You’re vying for a role in customer service where being polite and even-keeled is part of the job description, so you need to make that impression during every interaction.

Communicate Clearly: Whether the customer service this position requires is in person, phone or web based, clear communication skills are necessary. Be sure to speak clearly and choose your words carefully to establish your ability to connect with customers and deliver a message. Show the hiring manager you can quickly respond to different questions with concise, intelligent answers.

Show, Don’t Tell, Your Skill Set: The number one desired skill in a customer service customer care representative is the ability to innately manage people. Although it’s important to recognize that the interviewer is the person of authority in the room, an interview is an excellent forum to demonstrate your warm disposition, grace under fire and adaptability.

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Know the Company Culture: Before the interview, do research about the way the company operates and its core competencies. If you understand the way customers are valued, you can better tailor your answers to match the company line. A hiring manager is looking to see how you’ll fit into the organization, and matching your responses to the culture will show you’re a natural fit.

Prepare Examples: You are almost sure to be asked for instances in which you’ve dealt with a difficult customer and the way you managed the situation. Similar questions about instances when you de-escalated an issue, times your supervisor overruled your decision and other examples of how you handled an issue. Plan for these questions before the interview begins. Take a piece of paper and list every significant customer service problem you’ve experienced in which you come out on top. Decide which story could answer different questions so that you can pull them out when appropriate during the interview.

Identify What You Want to Know: Almost every interview will end with the dreaded question, “do you have any questions for me?” Many interviewees are unprepared for this moment, but it’s wise to get ahead. Start by making a list of the things you genuinely want to know about the job and creating questions from this list. Be sure the questions are appropriate for this stage of the interview. For example, asking, “are supervisors available to answer questions and handle escalations, or would I have the autonomy to handle those?” indicates you understand this can vary by organization and you know enough to understand the answer is important.

Say Thank You: After the interview, send a thank-you note as soon as you can. Customer service professionals rarely hear kind words, and they’ll appreciate the effort. Tell them that you can see yourself fitting in well with the organization and that you’d love the opportunity to make a difference with their customers. Take note of any questions that went well during the interview and use this opportunity to remind them of those connections.

Applying the wisdom behind these customer service customer care representative interview tips will assist you in creating a positive impression with your interviewer. After your first interview goes well, you’re much more likely to nail a second interview and be on your way to a brand new job.