8 Solid Branch Manager Interview Tips


You’ve made the cut, and therefore congratulations are in order. Your resume and cover letter were accepted, and you’re one step closer to the job of your dreams. But it’s not quite time to celebrate yet; instead, it’s time to prepare for acing the interview.

Several internal applicants may also have their hopes set on becoming the next branch manager. There may also be colleagues from other locations applying to work in the same role at the same location as you. Do you have what it takes to beat the competition?

Give thought to the types of questions you may be asked, and rehearse possible responses. Brush up on your knowledge of the company and its offerings, and think of what questions you could ask when it’s your turn to speak. There is certainly a lot of information available in regards to interviewing, but the following branch manager interview tips are specifically geared to the type of position you’re after.

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Branch Manager Interview Tips

Highlight All Relevant Experience: If you haven’t had the word “manager” in your job title before, don’t write off your worth as a great candidate. If you’ve ever assigned a task to an intern and have been around to help him or her along the way, then you’ve managed someone. If you as an experienced employee helped train a coworker, likely you reviewed work that was done before it was submitted, and that also counts. If you were assigned a project and had to carry it through to completion, that also shows managerial competency.

Stay Positive: Resist the urge to talk about all of the problems in your last position. Or, if you’re moving up in your current organization, don’t talk about all of the issues you want to fix. Instead, talk about how in order to keep the business strong and stable, good management is needed. Then, focus on how you would solve problems should they come up.

Use Recommendation Letters: Good endorsements help those trying to land a position that carries a high level of responsibility. Try to get colleagues and supervisors from past roles to write compelling recommendations for you. Tell them ahead of time that you’re applying to be a branch manager, but also encourage them to leave their pieces somewhat general, in case you decide to apply for a different kind of role later and wish to use the same letter.

Put Numbers on Your Side: If you’ve managed a branch before, gather numbers from before and during your tenure. If you were able to maintain the numbers of the previous incumbent, you’ve done well. If you were able to improve on them, even better. Sales aren’t everything, though. If you can pull customer satisfaction data, that’ll add even more credibility to your pitch.

Highlight Specific College Coursework: Whether you’ve taken just a handful of classes or hold an MBA, be keen on sharing specific courses that help you qualify in running a branch. If you worked on a project and are proud of it, consider bringing samples to the interview. Math and accounting skills are important for the position, so present yourself as comfortable with formulas, statistics and reports.

Tech Skills Matter: Don’t discount technology just because you’re not applying for a “techie” position. These branch manager interview tips acknowledge how you would wear many hats in your new role. Therefore, think about how, at times, you might play network administrator or desktop support specialist. Understanding technology will also help when it comes time to hire outside contractors or manage a pilot project that includes testing new software or hardware.

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Bring Your Marketplace Understanding: Show how you understand the surrounding community. Businesses like these live and die by tapping into the local economy. If you prove your insight into the habits and needs of your area’s demographics and cultural makeup, you’ll be presenting yourself a strong candidate. Think about the competition too and how you plan to match or beat it to preserve and grow your branch’s market share.

Dress for Success: Put together an outfit that not only fits and matches well, but also that you feel comfortable in. Look in the mirror before you leave home and let the confidence you have in yourself start emanating out with your body language, natural speech and smile.

Following the above branch manager interview tips requires a little advance preparation, but the results will be seen when it’s go time. Don’t give up until you sign a contract to accept your dream job offer!