Interview first impressions: how to succeed

Interview first impressions: how to succeed

22 Feb, 2013


Job Interview First Impressions

It is extremely important for all applicants to make a good first impression during an interview.The initial interview is usually very short, but it can give you the right amount of time to impress your interviewer. It is normal for you to struggle especially if you do not know where to start. You should not stress yourself out during this period if you want to get your dream job.

Psychologists says that in the first 30 seconds the interviews will already assess you. In this short period of time, you will be judged on how you dress, behave and speak. You also need to focus on the very first interview questions that will be thrown out to you by the interview. This question is very critical.

Look professional

You can win the attention and respect of the interview if you look very professional. You don’t have to carry everything inside the room. As much as possible you need to leave your umbrella, coat and other things that are not relevant to the interview to the reception area. You just need to bring your folder that contains your resume and other important documents. By doing this way, you will look very professional and organized. You can avoid unnecessary distraction that can draw attention away from you. You need to look like you are the best person for the job.

Brief and concise answers

The very first word that will come out of your mouth will be judged and remembered by the interviewer. You need to be very careful on what you will say and act. You need to seat properly and become very comfortable, so you can answer each question precisely. You need to become aware that it is not always the best person who can get the job, instead the one who perform best in answering interview questions.

It is important that you are attentive and a good listener to understand the question well. The very first question is vital to win the interview. In case the interviewer has an unpleasant first impression in you, you can withdraw that bad feeling by answering the first question correctly. You should not tell story, because the interviewer need a brief and straightforward answer from you.

Less is more

You need to realize that less talk is more important than giving senseless answers. Some applicants say too much during their initial interview. It is important to watch out for any negative comment about yourself or your previous employer as this will make you lose your chance of getting the position. If you will talk less and just focus in answering the question directly, then you will not make any mistake.

Review your CV

It is very important that you review your CV right before you go for an interview. Most of the interview questions for your initial interview are all about your resume. You need to ensure that everything that you will say will match the information on your resume.

You can also rehearse by searching for common questions ask during an initial interview and prepare short answers. You need to practice answering as brief as 30 seconds, but it is important that you give relevant answer to the question.

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