Seek and You Shall Find – Creative Job Hunting

Seek and You Shall Find – Creative Job Hunting

18 May, 2014


Finding a job in today’s ultra-competitive market can prove difficult. Jobs that previously seemed easy to get are no longer guaranteed; there may be hundreds of applicants who apply for a position at your local supermarket or bank, for example. There are jobs out there— you just may have to be creative in your job hunt.

It’s time to get resourceful. Here are some suggestions for how to do just that:

Job search blogs

One of the best places to start your job hunt is online. Plenty of useful job search blogs and websites exist out there in cyberspace. Why stick to just one? Explore them all! Search by industry, position and location to narrow the results and find jobs that are a right fit for you.

Some sites also allow you to upload your CV. With human resource managers and recruiters constantly scrolling through the résumés, you don’t want to leave this stone unturned. Why not upload yours and see if you get any bites?

Social networks

Social networking sites are also fantastic for highlighting your qualifications, marketing yourself and expanding your professional network. Create a profile on LinkedIn, including a concise yet complete CV and, almost more importantly, get several people to write recommendations for you. Good recommendations can set you apart from others with similar qualifications.

You can also harness the power of Facebook to reach more professional endpoints. Visit the Facebook page of companies you’re interested in working for to learn more about them. In addition, consider Facebook advertising as a unique way of marketing yourself. For a small fee, you can create an ad about yourself and your qualifications and target it to specific companies.

Twitter is also useful for connecting with companies you’d like to work for. Respect the unspoken social media rules, however. Don’t tweet them incessantly, they’ll just consider this over the top. Do stay involved and up-to-date with your target companies’ interests so even if they’re not hiring now, you’ll be ready when they are.

Recruitment agency

Yes, much of the world is online but this isn’t the death knell for traditional job hunting methods. Recruitment agencies are still of use as they’ve been so for years. Enlist with a reputable agency and let them do the work for you! They’ll read your CV and try to line up a job that suits you. Recruitment agencies are particularly helpful when you’re busy with your current job or personal matters, since they can cut down the hours you spend searching for a job.

Careers advice centre

Another traditional method for obtaining a job is visiting your local careers advice centre. They have all kinds of resources. They can help you to tailor your CV, advise you where to apply and show you the latest job postings in your area. Again, these are professional job-hunters, so let them help you!

Personal and professional networks

Finally, use your own personal and professional networks. Despite advances in technology, it’s still common to get a job because friend, family member or former colleague has recommended you. Everyone knows someone who knows someone, so don’t be afraid to ask around to find out if someone you know has an ‘in’ with a company you’d like to work for. Sometimes all it takes is one connection and your CV is moved to the top of the pile. Brush up on your small talk and chat to friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

Right now, your job is to find a job and it’s important to make the most of every resource available, both online and offline. Get creative and search every which way but loose. It won’t be long before someone takes you on!

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