Tips to dress and impress in a Job Interview

Tips to dress and impress in a Job Interview

25 Sep, 2012


How to dress for an interview?, it might sound like something superficial, but in fact is maybe the most important thing in which you should worry in order to cause a good impression on a potential employer because it helps them judge you on the way you dress for such important situation like a job interview. Consider that employer usually looks at your exterior as a representation of your interior.

Job Interview Outfit

Tips to dress and impress in a Job interview will be one of the most important topics to consider when preparing for this meeting (face-to-face communication) because according to psychologists the 55% of how much a person likes you is determined by what they see; in fact, it’s the way you look and your body language what is going to give the first stronger impression, and you have to consider that it only takes 7 seconds for an employer to qualify it: 38% in your tone of voice, 7% in what you say, and 55% in your appearance and moves (body language).

We recommend you to consider the following tips to find the best outfit for your interview:


First of all you must prepare time in advance, what to wear in the interview, because although you can select your clothing in less than 5 minutes, you need to know what current employees are wearing and the job etiquette in the company, in that way you show them your interest; the research must be even more detailed if you’re interviewing in the fashion industry.

It could be better if you have in mind what you’re going to wear so we give you some advice on professional business dress code:

For Men

Wear a suit in a solid color and a dark color (as a priority).

The recommended colors for a shirt are white or light blue, and this color must contrast with the jacket color and the tie; avoid wearing sweaters.

The shirt must be covered to the wrist with the jacket and you must be careful with your socks (calf-length or higher), these must be comfortable and of natural fiber blends so conserve heat, and of dark color.

Use conservative shoes.

Your hair must have a short haircut and must be clean, it’s not common to see men with accessories, but if you have avoid necklaces or earrings, a dress watch is enough.

Use soft cologne (fragance)

For Women

Women outfit is more difficult to select than in the case of men, and it will depend on the industry:

Women dress codeFor conservative industries the most recommendable outfit include a blazer, pencil skirt, white shirt, a black bag, a necklace of pearls, simple black pumps.

For creative industries: it’ll be good if you wear a formal outfit (not as strict as the last one), but adding your personal touches that could show your personality, such as accessories, bright handbag from a designer (if you consider it could be very expensive you can contact shops where you can rent one instead).

Fashion industry: You need to worry about clothing even more than with other industries, because the way you look will show the potential employer that you know how to dress well, and Don’t forget to look professional.

In any case use too much make-up, or something extremely flashy, and keep your hair in a clean and simple style.

General Rules

Wear comfortable clothing to the interview, because after your presentation you must answer some questions or maybe take some tests and the comfort of your outfit will give you confidence.

Be impeccable, your clothing must be in good conditions specially very clean and well ironed; and select conservative colors for they.

Check your fingernails before the interview (must be clean and trim)


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