Top 10 Job Interview Preparation Techniques

Top 10 Job Interview Preparation Techniques

16 Oct, 2012


Getting a new job is each time harder for both new and experienced applicants; however, so if you wonder how to prepare for an interview, some specialists say that it’s all about the techniques; remember that the qualification of your interview starts in your preparation followed by the interview with the employer and even includes after this event. Things that you consider in your preparation will be reflected and will help or damage your presentation.

Job InterviewWe considered helping you with some ideas very important for your preparation for the interview, if you take them into account these techniques will improve your self confidence then with more security you might have success in this challenge. The following 10 job interview preparation techniques are useful before, during and after the interview, but remember that preparation is what matter most.

  1. Be prepared:

    The success in these situations will depend on what you do before the interview itself; some of the activities you must consider are:

    Do some research about the company and the possible responsibilities you’ll have to face if you get the job. Use the Internet in first place go to the company’s website and know the products or services that the company offers, this information will help you to be sure about the job position and if it’s adequate for you, and also it will help you to answer certain questions and ask others.

  2. Listen and speak properly:

    When you’re preparing, it will be useful to role play; by having someone who can play as a employer (the interviewer), you can practice with some questions in order to have the adequate answer, qualify the level of concentration, remember to listen the full question and if it’s not clear you can ask to be clarified.

  3. it’s all about first impressions:

    Maybe you’ve been called to an interview due to the impression that your resume or CV caused on the employer, the next impression they’ll have from you will impact in the same way. At this point you must worry about the body language (a smile, firm handshake, tone of your voice, enthusiasm) and the dress you’ll wear for the interview.Interview Preparation

  4. Establish a good relationship with the interviewer:

    The interviewer won’t see only your academic ranking and job experience; he/she will evaluate how easy is to get along with you.

  5. Use your behavior in your advantage:

    Remember the phrase: what you do speaks so loudly what you say I can’t hear, the way you answer to questions and react to comments; you must learn to keep your emotions under control and be honest in all that you say.

  6. Sell yourself:

    The best way to sell yourself is by being authentic and confident; you should relax because you must be confident on what you are and what you know, and your worthiness for the job position.

  7. Imagine the interview positively:

    You can picture how you would like to be on the interview, think of all actions you can make for a successful interview, especially if you Don’t have the opportunity to practice it with other person.

  8. Prepare intelligent questions:

    Most interviews include a section in which the interviewee asks questions to the interviewer, it’s also qualified so you must worry to be prepared with questions that could differentiate you from other candidates.

  9. The interview won’t finish after you finish the conversation with the employer:

    Remember to send a thank you letter after the interview, it’ll make the interviewer remember you and it’ll show your interest in the job.

  10. Be prepared for steps after the interview:

    Some companies require other tests to clarify certain points, and you must be prepared because those tests will help you to be elected over the rest of candidates, discussions about salaries, responsibilities and more are the next steps.

  11. We will include more information about techniques for job interview preparation in following posts, but starting with these key steps it’ll be very helpful on your career.

Written by: MyResumeOnline


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