Video Interview FAQs


In today’s digital world, video interviews are a common early step in the interview process. Many hiring managers rely on video interviews to sort through candidates before committing to a face-to-face interview. Study these frequently asked questions to kill the competition during your next video interview.

While video interviews are convenient in many ways, they do require some serious preparation by the applicant before the big day. Everything from the quality of your technology to choosing a background and an outfit must be carefully planned well before the interview is scheduled to start. To help you overcome some common roadblocks and know what to expect, we’ve put together a list of video interview FAQs that will help you prepare to knock their socks off.

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Q: How should I prepare my technology for a video interview?

It’s vital that you double check all your technology well before the interview is scheduled. Choose a location that has a strong Internet connection, and practice using your webcam and microphone. Make sure you have any necessary programs or applications downloaded before the interview. Some companies use special programs for video interviews, and you should have all this information long before the interview starts.

One thing many people fail to consider is battery power. Whether you are interviewing from a desktop, laptop or mobile device, make sure your equipment is plugged into an outlet to avoid losing power during your interview. You don’t want to have to get up and plug your computer in right in the middle of an important question.

Q: What’s the best location for a video interview?

Choose a quiet, clean room with a solid background. Remove any knickknacks or personal items from the viewing screen so the focus is on you, plain and simple. If you have roommates, kids, or a spouse who might be home during your video interview, ask them to be elsewhere or find an alternate spot to do your interview. Distractions as simple as a knock at the door can be very distracting during a video interview so consider putting a sign up on your door that says you are unavailable. If you have pets, put them in another room for find them a sitter during your interview.

Q: What kind of questions can I expect in a video interview?

A video interview is very similar to a face-to-face interview, and you will be asked many of the same questions. Know your resume inside and out, and have a copy with you to refer back to, if needed. You may be asked why you feel you are the best candidate for the position, what background you have that qualifies you for the position, and what type of environment you function best in. While these are traditional interview questions, be prepared to answer a few behavioral interview questions as well during a video interview.

Behavioral interview questions focus more on how you behaved under specific circumstances and are based on the idea that how you reacted to situations in the past is a good indicator of future behavior. These questions may include, but are not limited to, inquiries like these:

  • •How do you motivate others? Give me an example.
  • •What are some ways you’ve resolved conflict in the past?
  • •Tell me about an obstacle you’ve overcome at work to reach a goal.

Q: How should I dress for a video interview?

You may think they only see the top half of you during a video interview, but it’s best to be prepared for all situations before the interview starts. Dress professionally from top to bottom, as if you were attending a face-to-face interview. Avoid patterns and stick to solid colors to keep the focus on what you are saying rather than what you are wearing. Keep all accessories and jewelry simple rather than gaudy. Stick with your regular hairstyle rather than trying something fancy and new, and don’t forego shoes and socks.