Law Enforcement & Security Resumes

Law Enforcement & Security Resume Examples

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A good law enforcement resume offers you a wide variety of career choices. If you’re interested in the retail world, then a law enforcement resume would help you to become a loss prevention officer. You could also use your law enforcement resume to become a highly paid security guard or even move your way up to a security supervisor. When you’re creating a comprehensive law enforcement resume, you decide how successful you will be.

Job Responsibilities

A law enforcement resume means that you’re interested in maintaining law and order. The best part about a diverse law enforcement resume is that you aren’t confined to just one kind of position. You could become a police officer with your law enforcement resume, or you could decide to become a high profile security officer. The main responsibilities for a law enforcement resume is to protect others, protect property, and keep the peace.

Educational Requirements

A good law enforcement resume always starts off with a high school diploma. Many hiring managers like to see some sort of military training on a law enforcement resume as well. In order to move up in the law enforcement field, your law enforcement resume should have at least a two-year degree in some sort of legal studies. Many people use the experience on their law enforcement resumes to eventually become attorneys. You’ll also want to list all of your industry-specific certifications on your law enforcement resume, especially any firearm training you have had.

Salary Expectations

The starting salary for an entry level law enforcement resume is approximately $29,500 per year. An experienced law enforcement resume can command a salary of approximately $70,000 per year and up. Putting your qualifications into the right format is critical when it comes to your law enforcement resume. You need to utilize the templates and samples on MyPerfectResume to create a law enforcement resume that’ll get the attention you want.

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