The Perfect Resume Example: Functional Format


Employers want job candidates to prove their hiring potential with a detailed resume. For those who may not have experience, such as entry-level candidates or career changers, this presents a problem. This perfect resume example can show you how to write a functional resume to show your best qualities.

Perfect Resume Example

Gwen Smith
788 Reese Road, Dover, DE 19901 555-794-9421

Summary Statement

Enthusiastic and highly organized recent graduate from an advanced degree program in library science. Seeking a position as a library specialist in a public library system. Dedication to providing new digital information services to patrons in a library setting. Equipped with an arsenal of unique ideas to try in the public library format. Focused on helping the community foster a love for reading.


Computer Skills
• Experienced with a variety of technological devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets
• Developed a series of apps to get instant reading recommendations

Research Skills
• Navigated the university library system when selecting resources for research papers and topics
• Accessed online database resources for use in research paper writing
• Created the appropriate citation page for all sources used during projects
• Recruited the assistance of the library staff to order materials not housed in the local branch

Communication Skills
• Delivered public speeches to crowds of more than 50 people for campus events
• Corresponded to individuals via email regarding meeting room scheduling for campus clubs
• Spoke to other students on the phone to discuss donations for campus philanthropy

Information Management Skills
• Created a personal database and inventory of belongings using MS Excel before college
• Cataloged all music and picture files from several computers to create one large database

Work History

Marketing Copywriter, Results Content Company, Newark, DE – 2014-2016

Server, Ruby Tuesday, Durham, NC – 2011-2014


Master of Library Science, University of Delaware, Newark, DE – 2014-2016
• Graduated with honors
• Achieved a 3.98 GPA
• Named scholar of the month for March 2015

Bachelor of Arts in English, Duke University, Durham, NC – 2010-2014
• Contributed to the quarterly poetry revue with four published submissions
• Achieved a partial academic scholarship upon admittance

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Functional Format

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to write your resume chronologically. That format is best suited to demonstrate a strong work history with experiences related to the position you’re seeking. Some job candidates may have recently graduated from college, or they’re looking to change careers. This may mean there’s not enough of a work history to effectively write a resume. The perfect resume example in the functional format is one way to write around this fact and still prove your excellence.

In the functional format, you can focus on your marketable skills. Rather than listing your duties and skills related to each job, the functional resume can help you group all of your skills together and give information from your schooling and life experiences about your capabilities. With the perfect resume example to guide you, you can flesh out your resume with confidence. Your work history doesn’t have to completely go away; it can simply list the jobs you’ve held the last few years. Your education section may be another spot where you can shine if you have graduated within the past few months. Feel free to include scholarships and awards you’ve received to demonstrate your talents.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Essential Skills – With the functional format, you must prove to the hiring manager that you’re capable by focusing on your skills section.
• Compelling Information – Provide compelling details from any of your experiences in life, work or school that show your knowledge and talents.
• Limited Work History – Diminish the importance of your work history if you don’t have any pertinent experience.
• Educational Details – You may need to give additional evidence of excellence with more information about your college accomplishments.