The Perfect Resume Example: Summary Section


A well-written resume is the key to getting a job in today’s environment. The first thing a hiring manager reads is your summary section, so it has to be great. This perfect resume example and guide can help your summary section show off your best skills and talents.

Perfect Resume Example

There are many different ways to highlight your knowledge and capabilities in your summary section. Here are a few sample summary sections from different resumes.

New Graduate (No Degree)

Hard-working new graduate looking for a job in retail sales. Excellent attention to detail and above average ability in mathematics and money handling. Positive attitude that would be welcome on your team. Dependable and enthusiastic about working with customers and delivering top quality customer service.

New Graduate (Degree)

Knowledgeable and talented recent graduate aiming to secure a position in journalism. Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure when needed. Skilled in delivering unique approaches to news writing. Dedicated to checking all facts and using reliable sources when writing stories.

Mid-Level Worker

Highly capable professional with more than seven years of experience in accounting. Expertise with many financial software products, such as QuickBooks, Sage and Wave. Strong understanding of business accounting procedures, such as invoicing, payroll processing and payment approval submission. Excellent attention to detail and solid skills in mathematics and tax code.


Results-oriented restaurant manager with 12 years of experience leading a team in a fast-paced food service setting. Skilled with keeping staff members working up to high standards and staying motivated and productive. Proven methods of driving sales up to break long-standing records. Deep understanding of what makes customers happy and a commitment to delivering top service and food quality to guests for strong showings in repeat business.

Experienced Worker

Passionate educator with 14 years of experience in the classroom. Highly qualified to teach elementary and middle school mathematics to a variety of diverse learners. Achieved National Board Certification and have made a commitment to deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences to all children. Excellent comprehension of state and local mathematics standards and objectives.

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Summary Section

Your resume’s summary section must be a compelling, but brief, overview of what makes you a great job candidate. In many cases, an employer may only do a quick read through of an applicant’s summary statement at the top of the resume. If hiring managers aren’t convinced by your listing of skills and knowledge, they probably won’t even look at the rest of your resume. That’s why a great summary section is so vital to landing the job of your choice.

Most summary sections are written in a series of sentence fragments to make this part of your resume more impactful. In the perfect resume example summary section, all of the language is written in first person; however, there is no need to use actual pronouns within your statement. Essentially, your summary section should discuss your top talents, important qualities and industry experience. If you don’t have experience, you can state what your job objective is, like the perfect resume example summary sections do for new graduates.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Convincing – A great summary section sells your attributes and talents to the hiring manager and grabs the reader’s attention. Remember, this may be the only chance you get to make an impression, so be prepared to show off your best qualities.
• Effective – Summary statements are more effective when you avoid writing in third person.
• Detailed – Give information about your top abilities, strongest skills and expertise in various aspects related to the position you’re trying to land.
• Succinct – Make sure your summary statement is no longer than six lines. Use short sentence fragments to convey your information to the hiring manager.