The Perfect Resume Example: Creative Jobs


It can be difficult to accurately represent a creative career on your resume, but doing so can be the critical factor that helps you land your next gig. Check out this perfect resume example and guide for tips on how to give your creative career the spotlight it deserves.

Perfect Resume Example

John Feinstein, 553-090-2346.

Summary Statement:

Entrepreneurial videographer specializing in documentary, event, and creative films. Customize project moods to client preferences through background research, subject-tailored interview questions, and video styling. Seeking to use this expertise to create pieces that appeal to diverse audiences.


• Using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit footage and create finished products
• Repairing and maintaining film equipment
• Researching background information to develop strong foundations for projects
• Developing rapport with interview subjects


Project Name: Dreams of Dorchester County. Dorchester County, MD. June 2015-July 2016.
Documentary Filmmaker.
• Captured promotional footage of activities and programs of all schools within an educational district throughout one academic year.
• Attended school and community events to develop understanding of area culture and values.
• Interviewed students, teachers, and parents about experiences.
• Compiled footage into film demonstrating how students and educators achieved their goals throughout the course of the year. Film was distributed to schools throughout the district.

Project Name: Andrew W. Smith Memorial Organization Inaugural Event, Bethesda, MD. April- June 2015.
Event videographer.
• Captured and edited footage of preparations, execution, and aftermath of inaugural event that educates high schoolers about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a leading cause of death for young athletes.
• Interviewed attendees before, during, and after event to capture how their perspectives changed as result of attending.
• Film is used on organization’s website to raise awareness for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. (link here)

Project Name: Life Among Them. Rockville, MD. October 2014- January 2015.
Camera operator and assistant director.
• Provided support to local amateur screenwriter seeking to bring his film to a festival.
• Made all filming and videography decisions for entirety of project.
• Contributed to soundtrack decisions.
• Film won third place in thriller category of 2015 Goodluck Film Festival. (link here)


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. 2000-2004. B.A. in Marketing.

|What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Creative Jobs|

Creative people tend to struggle to write their resumes when they have completed numerous projects and cannot fit them all on one page. The best way to approach this problem is to customize your resume to the position and include only the most relevant projects. In the summary statement of the perfect resume example, John emphasizes his versatility as a filmmaker by outlining the different projects he has completed. In the body of the resume, he describes his work on a documentary, an event film, and a short creative film. He also provides links to two of these films, giving the recruiters the opportunity to see his work for themselves and decide if they are interested in his style.

John differentiates himself from other candidates by listing some of his more specialized skills rather than basic capabilities. It is understood that a videographer would be able to operate a video camera, but John goes a step further and explains that he can also maintain his equipment and edit his work using specialty software. The perfect resume example closes with a brief education section. John does not need to go into detail about his education because his professional work is more significant.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• To keep your resume succinct and focused, only mention projects that are relevant to the position at hand.
• Provide links to your work if possible.
• Set yourself apart from other applicants by highlighting your specialty skills rather than basic proficiencies.
• Make your education section less prominent, since your completed projects are what really matter in this situation.