Printing your resume

Printing your resume

Printing your resume

It is true that sometimes people can send their resumes online. But hard copy resumes haven’t ceased yet. It is important to take into consideration the kind of paper that you’re using to print it. Unless you’re a designer where you must show your creativity, you should stick to the usual colors. Do not use cheap papers because it will make you seem as if you are not interested in the job. There are actually places that sell specialized paper for resumes.

If you have submitted a resume online, and you called for an interview, it is important to bring a copy of your resume. Do not print on both sides of the paper; it looks extremely unprofessional. Allow time to let the ink dry, you certainly want to avoid smudges on your paper. There is additional information below about how to print your resume; follow these recommendations.

Use a laser printer

Never use an inkjet or dot matrix printer. Visit your local printer if necessary. Only a laser printer will create the kind of quality necessary for your resume.

Use high-quality stationery

Print your resume on cream or ivory-colored paper, of at least 24 pounds in weight. Other colors don’t look as professional. (I’ve asked recruiters and hiring managers and they agree). You can find suitable paper at an office supply store or copy center. Avoid heavy paper, which can crease and damage the print.


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