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Fernando Vinces

1585 Quail St. Albany, NY 12238
(518) 585-6089
(518) 956-5981


To get a position as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk in a company that will utilize my knowledge and experience.


• Detail-oriented and highly efficient professional.
• Capable of leading and directing teams.
• Work efficiently even under pressure.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Computer literate.


Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Michael’s Restaurant Supply, Albany, NY

• Receive, process and file all shipments.
• Process purchase orders.
• Stamp and ship products.
• Unpack and verify the condition of the received items.
• Verify that the information in orders, bills, receipts, etc is correct.
• Draft computers reports.
• Maintain records and invoices.
• Store items in an appropriate way.


Associate of Science in Marketing
Maria College, Albany, NY

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