How to Proofread your Resume

How to Proofread your Resume

Your resume must be error-free.

Just one misspelled word or punctuation error can ruin all your hard work. I’ve spoken with several hiring managers who say they won’t call a candidate whose resume contains typos.

You should proofread your resume four times for four areas:

  • Spelling.
  • Spacing.
  • Punctuation.
  • and Content.

Print the resume before you proofread it.

This makes it much easier to read. You’d be surprised how many errors become visible on a printed page versus a computer screen.

Professional Proofreading Checklist

Proofread your resume twice for each section below.

  • Spelling.
    Use your word processor’s spell checker AND read it yourself. Most misspelled words occur in the headings and in software/business names.
  • Facts and figures.
    Check all years and numbers in the resume and cover letter. Do they add up? Are they consistent?
  • Spacing.
    Make sure the space between each sentence and section is the same.

  • Punctuation.
    Read the resume BACKWARDS, looking for missing or incorrect punctuation, such as commas, dashes between dates, apostrophes, etc.
  • Clarity and content.
    Read the resume aloud for awkward, missing or extra words.
  • Contact information.
    Verify your name, address, ZIP code and phone are correct.
  • Layout.
    Are the upper and lower margins even and pleasing to the eye? Is there white space throughout the document, or is the text too dense? Print the resume and show it to friends for their comments.


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