Quotes and other facts on your resume

When writing a resume it is considerably important, if you want of course to create a successful document, to try to tell your professional history as a story; why? Because it will be easier to read and will reflect a nice and relatable personality. You can use quotes as a very helpful way to enhance, even more, this type of structure.

Few (if any) resumes use quotes.

As mentioned previously, this powerful technique is one of the reasons all resumes are guaranteed to produce results. Why?

1.- Quotes do more than just prove your claims. They make employers curious about you. Which makes them more likely to call and find out more. And this is what resume writing is all about!

For ideas on using quotes, see our resume templates directory.

2.- You may not be able to find written quotes. That’s OK. Try to recall good things that managers/clients have said about you.

As long as they really said it, you can use these indirect quotes in the resume.

Example indirect quote:

  • Cited by supervisor for problem-solving skills and ability to train staff.

Other facts

If space allows, you can include an Other Facts section to combine good things about you that don’t fit in other parts of the resume. We recommend you put this section last, to finish the resume with a bang.

Follow this format:

  • Languages: Arabic, French and English (fluent).
  • Computer skills include Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Internet research.

There are positions which require specific skills, like computer, languages and good speaker; in such cases you may want to add those details to the summary, in a bullet point or inside a paragraph.

In case those features are not part of the main requirements, they can be considered as a bonus that can help you to impress the employer and can be the key to get a job interview. It will also present you as a person that can cover many tasks in the company.

A resume doesn’t have to be very short (or like some people say, just one page long), if the information isn’t overloaded and it is neat, understandable and relevant you can add as many other facts you may find accurate.