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Food and Restaurant Resume Examples

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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Samples

Assistant Manager
Do you want to assume a leadership role? Read our Assistant Manager resume to learn more!
General Manager
Interested in the food industry? A general manager resume is a great first step.
Crew Member
Show hiring managers that youÂ’re perfect for the team with an exceptional crew member resume.
Fast Food Server
Land a job in the food industry with the help of our Fast Food Server resume.

Job Summary & Duties

It takes many hands to effectively run a restaurant or food business. If any one of these professionals lack in experience or qualification, it can disrupt the entire operation. From the host/hostess getting guests to their tables to servers getting the meals to the table, from the cashier greeting each guest to crew members quickly preparing burgers and fries, right down to the general manager overseeing everything, everyone has their part. When it comes to the food and restaurant resume, the candidate needs to carefully craft a document that will impress hiring managers with the talent they specialize in. The assistant manager candidate has to promote their skill in communication, organization and what they do to make management’s job easier. The fast food server will use their resume to delineate what being a responsible team member entails. Even the delivery driver that brings the take-out orders will need to impress with a clean driving record and their strong sense of customer service.

What to Expect in the Food & Restaurant Field

The food and restaurant industry covers everything from fast food to diners to five-star establishments. Every restaurant will all have different hours, unique clientele, and will require specific talents from their staff. Experience will be necessary for management slots. Whether you’re applying for a position as an assistant manager, general manager, breakfast shift leaders, or other shift manager, hiring managers will be looking for candidates that can show their impact on long-term performance in previous positions. They will want appropriate management training and certification. Higher paying slots may want a degree in some form of business or finance.

Salary Range

The crew member, cashier, and servers may find themselves at the lower end of the pay scale, making little more than minimum wage. These are entry-level positions, but offer the opportunity of growth. It isn’t unusual for a team member to show promise and end up in a trainee program. They may also be able to use their leadership and innovative thinking in the food and restaurant industry to move to greater opportunities. The possibilities all boil down to the food and restaurant resume, and smartly using it to show hiring managers what makes you the best candidate for the job.

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