Servers Resume Sample


Servers Resume Sample

Job Description & Responsibilities

Servers work in restaurants, where they are responsible for getting people their food. The main duties of a server include: taking an order, entering the order in the computer, bringing the order to the customer, and checking on the customer regularly. Servers are also required to know the menu so they can answer any questions, make the right recommendations, and upsell whenever possible. Servers also complete a variety of other job duties as well. They often ring up customer checks, and they may be responsible for obtaining payment and making change. They may help seat guests, and they may help clear and clean tables after the guests have gone. Servers also typically have side work, which is an additional cleaning task they must do before they can leave. Typical side work tasks include rolling silverware, filling salt and pepper shakers, and cleaning a station, such as the salad station or the soda machine.

Education & Training

Servers are not required to have a certain amount of formal education or training before they are hired, though they are generally expected to have basic reading, writing and math skills. Otherwise, servers receive on the job training. Servers are generally trained through a combination of computer tutorials and working alongside more experienced servers. They may be required to take simple tests to demonstrate that they know the menu and basic food safety rules. Once servers finish their training, they are generally placed in a smaller, slower section so that they can gain experience and work their way up to a larger, busier section.

The Importance of a Server’s Resume

Servers generally make a very small hourly rate plus any tips they receive. On average, servers make $18,400 per year, though this amount can vary widely depending on the part of the country and the type of restaurant that the server works in. While a basic serving job is fairly easy to come by, servers who want to work in nicer restaurants need to be able to demonstrate their abilities and experience. Servers’ resumes, like the sample below, show future employers the skills, abilities and job experiences that servers have so that qualified servers have a better chance of being hired.

Servers Resume Questions

1. How can you highlight team experience on a servers resume?

For most server positions, it is imperative that you can work well as a team. Therefore, it is essential you illuminate this strength in your resume. There are a couple areas on your resume where you can show this. One is the skills section, where you can list that you are a great team player. The more effective place is under the work experience section, because you can demonstrate in detail how you can work as a team to add value to the restaurant. Use numbers, facts, or figures to point out how you solve problems or achieve stellar results through teamwork. Consult the servers resume sample to see how to structure the education section.

2. How do you highlight soft skills on a servers resume?

While technical skills are important to include in a resume, employers also like to see what soft skills you are bringing to the position. These types of skills, such as friendly, good communicator, and hard worker, are especially beneficial for a serving job. The key is to include them in a way that catches the eye of the hiring manager. Do not just list them in the skills section, but incorporate them in your work history and use numbers for effect. For example, adding to the servers resume sample, you can demonstrate your hospitality skills with something like:

Demonstrated genuine hospitality and established rapport with guests that resulted in 90% guest return rate. This points out how the restaurant benefits from the applicant’s soft skill.

3. How do you describe achievements on your servers resume?

Employers often ignore applicants who just list typical duties and tasks in the experience section. As with describing soft skills, you should use numbers, figures, and facts to describe achievements and accomplishments. However, many jobseekers find this challenging. Take a little time to remind yourself what you do to stand out or how you solve problems, and then use metrics to describe them. You should also demonstrate how the company can benefit, such as cut costs, increase profits, or decrease employee turnover, from your achievements as this will help you stand out. Look at our servers resume sample and practice using figures to make it even more effective.

4. What does a good servers resume look like?

A good servers resume is properly formatted so it is concise and easy to read. Our servers resume sample is a good example of a clean-looking document. You can also take advantage of our resume builder, which walks you through each section step-by-step and makes writing an effective resume seem like a breeze.

5. What can you do to make your servers resume stand out?

Along with using a good format, make sure the information in your resume is relevant to the position. Word it in a way that grabs the employer’s attention and demonstrates that you are the perfect fit for the position. The skills and experience sections are the most important for most serving roles, so consult the servers resume sample to see how these sections should look. Also incorporate keywords from the job description of the specific job you are applying to.

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Resume Text

Samantha Stewart

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Friendly and courteous Server with over 10 years’ experience in bar and restaurant settings and current California Food Handlers Card. Proficient knowledge of food, wine, and spirits. Seeking a position in an upscale restaurant, resort, or country club where knowledgeable service is valued and room for advancement is available.


Money handling experience
Sales proficient
Team leader
Knowledgeable of wine and liquor

Food service and safety expert
Excellent communicator
Accurate and detail-oriented
Dedicated and dependable


April 2011 to Current
Callahan’s New Cityland, CA

Demonstrate genuine hospitality while greeting and establishing rapport with guests.
Guide guests through menus while demonstrating thorough knowledge of the food, beverages, and ingredients.
Precisely describe menu items and special offerings and appropriately identify wine pairings.
Proactively prepare for large parties and reservations, anticipating planning and staffing needs.
Buss, clear, clean, and set tables when support staff are backed up.

May 2007 to March 2011
Donovan’s Pub Davison, OH

Worked busiest weekend shifts and some weekday lunches.
Answered guest questions, took orders, and suggested menu items.
Relayed orders to kitchen by quickly and accurately recording guest selections and keying them into the register.
Inventoried and restocked items throughout day.
Optimized bar revenue by suggesting and implementing contests and social media events to draw in customers.

January 2004 to February 2007
Ruby’s Steakhouse Nashville, TN

Took guest orders and handled customer service requests.
Maintained dining room in clean, neat, and stocked fashion.
Filled in for bartender as needed.


2016 University of California New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Science Computer Science

Minor in Electrical Engineering