Accounting and Finance Resume Templates for Word

A well-written resume is not only the first step to getting an incredible job, but it is also your chance to leave a great first impression on an organization. Present your best and most skilled self forth—no grammar mistakes, vague references, or repetitive information. Using a resume template provides examples that can be particularly useful to show your best talents and experiences on paper. In the accounting and finance field, potential employees must display expert industry knowledge. Smart jobseekers in this industry know to showcase both their technical skills—mathematics, familiarity with scientific software, economics, as well as necessary soft skills:effective communication, quick thinking, and general problem-solving capabilities. Use our accounting and finance resume templates for Word on this page as a guide to help you exhibit your skills and experiences to employers in your own resume.

Accountant Resume Templates for Word

As an accountant, you have to display your quantitative skills on your resume. However, don’t forget that you need to show your soft skills as well. The ability to communicate effectively, examine financials through a detailed-oriented lens, and meet deadlines consistently are valuable capabilities to include. Look around at MyPerfectResume’s templates to see how simple it is to illuminate these skills.

Payroll Accountant Resume Templates for Word

Experience with a variety of technical skills and software is necessary for a payroll accountant. While it is useful to list the different kinds of software you have experience with in your skills section, make sure to show how you use them in your work experience entries as well. Though addressing all the vital information can feel daunting, our templates demonstrate how easy it is to integrate these skills with your experiences.

Credit Risk Analyst Resume Templates for Word

In a credit risk analyst role, you will not only need to prove your mathematics and economic skills, but also customer service and active learning capabilities. Make sure that you demonstrate these abilities in your work experience section. Our resumes expertly identify how to incorporate a balance of hard and soft skills seamlessly throughout this critical document.

Bank Teller Resume Templates for Word

A bank teller’s job may seem mechanical, but your oral presentation and personal service talents are key to achieve success in this position. You should touch on these skills in your work experience section, whether they are from past service jobs or even presentations in school. You can look to our templates for examples on how to easily come up with relevant examples that may or may not be directly tied to telling.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Accounting and Finance Resumes

A well-written summary is a game-changer. If you do it well, you encourage employers to continue reading your resume. In your summary statement, you should address your current position, as well as specific skills or achievements you’ve obtained. Ensure that you specify your position, differentiating yourself as a payroll accountant or risk analyst rather than just an accountant or analyst. Also, make sure to specify your years of experience. Outside of your primary experiences and positions, share relevant skills, such as a firm understanding of Intuit Quickbooks or other important software. Lastly, don’t forget to list any awards or recognition you’ve received. Refer to MyPerfectResume’s accounting and finance resume templates for Word for more summary statements examples such as the one below:

“Risk Auditor with 5 years of experience auditing financial statements and system reports for Fortune 500 companies. Diligent analyst who thrives in a deadline-driven, collaborative environment. Expertise in business data analysis, streamlining audit procedures, and financial accounting. Received Deloitte’s auditor of the year reward in 2007.”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Accounting and Finance Resume

Although a resume is primarily qualitative, riddled with descriptions of experiences, quantifying skills is becoming more important in our increasingly competitive job market. Why? Because employers receive so many resumes every day that quantifying your skills is the only way to gain tangible insight into your experiences. In the accounting and finance industry, employees deal with quantification on a daily basis. Consider focusing on the amount of statements closed, measurable sales and investments improvements, and the timeframes in which you complete tasks. See the following examples, and look through accounting and finance resume templates for Word for additional guidance.
• Developed four fraud detection and reduction strategies in the the past year, reducing potential fraud by 15%
• Examined and reinvested in three portfolios per month, increasing return on investment by 12% overall
• Negotiated interest rates for client loans and decreased interest rates from 20% to 16%

Notice how these entries tell a story. They go from point A to point B within a specific timeframe. When writing your resume, always think about how you can maximize your potential for your employer, and how you can express that potential relatively in your resume.

Accounting Finance Resume Templates