Art, Fashion, and Design Resume Templates for Word

If you want to make a positive first impression on your employer, you have to have a well-written resume. Here, you want to exhibit your top skills and experiences, and leave behind spelling errors, faulty grammar, formatting inconsistencies, and vague information. You can find examples of how to showcase your experiences and skills in our resume templates. In the art, fashion, and design industries, employees must relevant knowledge and work experience in the field. While creativity and a good aesthetic eye are incredibly important in this line of work, technical skills, such as financial programs, spreadsheet software, and design or editing software, are also necessary. For guidance on how to make your resume a work of art, look to our art, fashion, and design resume templates for Word for inspiration.

Fashion Designer Resume Templates for Word

A fashion designer must demonstrate their originality and talent. Highlight your design savvy and your creative flair in your resume by utilizing both your skills section and your work experience section. Use MyPerfectResume’s templates for ideas on how to highlight your experiences to get the job you want.

Graphic Designer Resume Templates for Word

Graphic design is at the intersection of art and technology, requiring not only a strong eye for aesthetics but also a familiarity with a variety of technical tools. Graphic designers need to demonstrate their artistic and technological skills but listing both their hard and soft skills on their resumes. Use our templates as a base to seamlessly incorporate skills from both of these areas into your work experience section.

Model Resume Templates for Word

Being a model is about more than how you look. Today, maintaining popular social media accounts is just as important as a model’s physical beauty. Being able to show your popularity online can demonstrate the power of your professional brand. MyPerfectResume’s templates can give you examples of how to present the success of your social media accounts in your resume in a professional manner.

Photographer Resume Templates for Word

Both skill and industry knowledge are crucial for photographers. Experience using different cameras and proficiency with editing software are also important. Use your work experience section to highlight your use of software and technical tools. Use our resume templates for specific examples.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Art, Fashion, and Design Resume

A well-written summary statement like the one below can entice employers and prompt them to continue reading your resume. This statement should include your current position, relevant past positions, and your specific skills and achievements. Specify your specialty. For a fashion designer, this could include footwear, sportswear, or children’s clothes. For an artist, this could be modern art, impressionist art, or surrealism. When applying for a job, read the job description thoroughly and be sure to mention the required skills. Use MyPerfectResume’s examples for more art, fashion, and design resume templates for Word.

“Graphic designer with 10 years of experience in website design for cloud-based and technology sites. Thinks outside the box to create unique designs for clients. Mastery over HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, and various other design tools. Constantly challenging the boundaries of graphic design in a client-oriented customer service model.”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Art, Fashion, and Design Resume

Resumes are thought to be primarily qualitative. For art, fashion, and design resumes, this is especially true, as the written text must be engaging, and the visual layout must look sleek and appealing. However, even in a designer’s resume, using numbers and data to showcase your skills is important. Quantifying your skills through data is the best way for employers to gain tangible insight into your work performance. In the industry of art, fashion, and design, consider focusing on the number of art or design pieces you’ve created, your contest rankings, or the number of contracts or collaborations you’ve established. Be sure to include any awards or recognitions you’ve received. Here are a few examples to get you started:
• Designed 13 portfolios for clients, with up to 20 pieces each
• Nominated as one of five finalists for Vogue’s Council of Fashion Designers Awards in Womenswear Designer of the Year
• Collaborated with two designers per month to complete a visual storybook project in breaking down gender stereotypes

Notice how these points incorporate numbers to illustrate and highlight specific achievements. Look to MyPerfectResume’s art, fashion, and design resume templates for Word for more ideas about how to create a resume that paints a picture of your talents.

Art, Fashion, and Design Resume Templates

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