Model Resume Template for Word

Most employers base their initial decisions regarding applicant suitability on the applicant’s documents. To qualify for an interview, you will want to be prepared to give a potential employer a high-quality resume that speaks to your best experience and attributes. Our model resume template for Word includes important sections, such as the summary statement, skills section, education section, and work experience section. The detailed example on this page shows you how to write your own unique resume for getting the job you want.
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Sarah Williams

Seattle, Washington 11111

E: sarah.williams@anymail P: 555-555-9282

Professional Summary

Professional model with seven years’ experience working in print, runway, and catalog sectors. Exceptionally reliable and dependable with a passion for the industry. Able to adapt look, poses, and style to correctly represent each client.

  • * Confident and self-reliant
    * Pleasant and cheerful demeanor
    * Open to criticism to improve
    * Financial savviness from college business courses
    * Flexible and innovative with poses
    * Strong stamina, with the ability to jump, run, kick, and contort
Work Experience
Fashion Model
April 2016 – Present

Crow Casting

    * Model in runway shows and catalog shoots with diverse clientele.
    * Work closely with stylists, directors, other models, and photographers in a professional and supportive manner.
    * Come up with unique and fresh poses under the direction of the photographer.
    * Maintain a proper diet, exercise, and sleep regimen.
    * Report to agency in a timely and efficient manner.
    * Dress in a wide range of garments, with both individual and completed looks.

Fashion Model
February 2015 – August 2015

Bridal Bonanza

    * Modeled bridal fashions and accessories on regional bridal circuit.
    * Walked catwalk, posed, and worked with other models in a real-time setting.
    * Connected with audience members while onstage to boost sales.
    * Promoted products in television and film for local channels.
    * Made swift fashion changes off stage during live shows.
    * Styled hair and applied makeup along with the stylist to create a look quickly.
    * Modeled for print and digital advertisements promoting events.

August 2014 – February 2015

Red Door Media

    * Modeled nursing uniforms for print and online catalogs.
    * Arrived to set punctually and ready to work.
    * Posed under the direction of the director and photographer.
    * Worked comfortably and professionally with stylist and other staff members.
    * Reported job information, including pay rates and hours, to Red Door Media.
    * Represented modeling agency in a positive manner.
    * Developed a portfolio to take to future modeling shoots.

Business Courses

Baxter Community College


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15 Tips to Write Your Model Resume

Summary Statement

1. Write “years of experience” or “years’ experience;” not “years experience.”
2. Keep your summary statement short, with only three lines, as shown in the model resume template for Word.
3. Fragments and bullet points are acceptable for the summary section, as they reduce unnecessary words and make the document easier to scan.
4. Your summary statement should reference your unique background and qualifications that tie in with the position for which you are applying.

Skills Section

5. Make your skills section “top heavy,” with the most important skills listed first, to draw the reader’s attention.
6. As demonstrated in the model resume template for Word, list your skills in bullet points to make them easy to read.
7. Use key phrases from the job description in your skills section to increase your document’s SEO and to show the employer your fit for the position.

Work Experience Section

8. Use action verbs at the beginning of each job responsibility, such as “managed” or “configured.” Avoid blasé verbs like “had” or “did.”
9. List your job responsibilities in bullet points, with the most important at the top.
10. List each position relevant to the job, with your most recent position first. If you Don’t have enough previous employment in your field, or if not listing a position would leave a hole in your timeline, include other, unrelated jobs.
11. Use metrics in this section if you can, such as the number of assignments you take per month.
12. Include the city and state of each position you list. It is not necessary to include a physical address.

Education Section

13. If you have completed some college courses and aren’t currently enrolled, list your course focus, following the example in the model resume template for Word.
14. Include your high school graduation only if that is your highest level of education.
15. Put your most recent education at the top, including certificates, internships, and licenses.


With our model resume template for Word, you are well on your way to creating a document that best represents your work and personality. When creating your resume, use a standard, 12-point font. Embellishments detract from the message of your words and come across as unprofessional. Instead, rely on the words themselves to tell your story and you’re bound to get the reader’s attention. When you follow the example on this page, you have the confidence of knowing you have put your best foot forward in a professional and engaging way.