Beauty and Spa Resume Templates for Word

A powerful resume not only creates a lasting first impression on your employer but is also a compelling form of expressing your top skills and experiences. While well-depicted, action-driven experience descriptions can enhance your desirability as a potential candidate, careless mistakes in grammar, repetitive information, and poor formatting can just as easily damage your reputation. Resume templates can be rather helpful in showing which qualities to bring out and which errors to avoid on your resume. In the beauty and spa professional field, potential jobseekers must display their expert knowledge in the industry. Employees must demonstrate general knowledge of patients’ health and conditions in their area, as well as the ability to think creatively and work with customers face-to-face. Use our beauty and spa resume templates for Word on this website to help you display your best creative talents and revealing experiences on your own resume.

Beauty Consultant Resume Template for Word

Beauty consultants must possess the critical thinking skills to understand the consumer’s needs as well as master the database and point of sale software to satisfy them. MyPerfectResume’s templates demonstrate how to exhibit these skills in your relevant experiences section as stories, showing how to engage your potential employer as well as showcase your abilities.

Beauty School Student Resume Template for Word

As a beauty school student, you may not have much experience outside of your education to present to employers. However, even entry-level jobs in the field favor candidates with some experience or projects alongside your studies. Refer to our resume templates on this site to discover how to make the most of your existing experiences both in and out of school to display on your resume.

Hair Stylist Resume Template for Word

While a hair stylist does need to be familiar with the appropriate software, this position requires great dexterity, customer service, as well as active listening and communication abilities. Some of these skills required are less than conventional. Learn how to show these skills effectively with the resume templates on MyPerfectResume’s website.

Sourcing Manager Resume Template for Word

Familiarity with procurement software and other technologies regarding operations and logistics are critical to the work of a sourcing manager. Along with these hard skills come with a necessary set of soft skills such as organization and negotiations. MyPerfectResume’s templates expertly show how to incorporate both these hard and soft skills in your work experience section to make you stand out as a top candidate.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Beauty and Spa Resumes

A summary statement is like the front-page samples of your newest hairstyle creation—it’s an introduction to your resume that displays your best work and honed skills. Although brief and concise, a quality summary pushes your employer to keep reading, perhaps in depth rather than just skimming. In the beauty and spa field, specify your differentiated experiences as well as the various skills you’ve gained. Make sure to include the number of years of experience you have, the mission or goals you yearn towards, and any magazine or web features you may have garnered. Below is an example:

“Creative hair stylist with 10 years’ experience working with diverse hair types, specifically in coloring, revitalizing, and experimentation. Active follower and creator of new beauty trends. Possesses the combination of drive and creativity to thrive in working in competitive and underserved environments. Created styles featured in Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines.”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Beauty and Spa Resume

Quantification of skills is not initially brought up in resume writing. When first writing a resume, the important part is to express your top experiences and feature your most important skills and growth. However, to make your resume stand out, you must incorporate quantitative data. Adding in actual numbers will give your employer an idea of your experience, relative to other candidates. In the beauty and spa industry, these metrics may not initially come to mind, because you work in a creative field. Some areas to quantify can include the number of customers retained and the number of new products and services created or delivered. Below are a few examples to guide the necessary quantification of your skills in your resume. For additional examples, refer to the beauty and spa resume templates for Word on MyPerfectResume.
• Set and achieved four sales goals in the past year, exceeding each goal by 2% – 10% of total sales
• Retained 142 new customers in 2012, averaging 8 – 33 new customers retained each month
• Planned and executed two new seasonal beauty events in the past month, with attendees numbering 200+ people per event

Notice how these statements tracked the number of customers involved, number of goals met, and timeframe each task was completed. When writing your resume, always keep in mind that you are presenting your most skilled and most tangible self to your employer.

Beauty and Spa Resume Templates

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