Business Resume Templates for Word

Your resume is the first step to getting a new job. In this critical document, the experiences and skills you present and the way you showcase them will stay in the hiring manager’s mind. This will ensure a lasting impression on your employer. Make sure that your resume has no minor errors that you’ve neglected to catch, such as mistakes in grammar, inconsistent headers, or verbose information. Using a resume template can provide a model of how to present entries in different sections. It helps not only with content but also with categorizing and layout ideas. In the business industry, jobseekers must exhibit specific industry knowledge. Depending on the particular business field, potential employers must have experience in administration and management, supply chain processes, or engineering and technology. Feel free to refer to our business resume templates for Word on this page for guidance to help you display your abilities and experiences in your resume.

Adjunct Professor Resume Template for Word

Business adjunct professors need a base level of general business knowledge, as well as in-depth knowledge in their distinct concentration. However, this knowledge may be difficult to put into words, especially without much previous business experience. Our resume templates can guide you through this process, even if you have little external workplace experience.

Business Analyst Resume Template for Word

In a business analyst role, knowledge of current business intelligence and market trends is just as necessary as the research skills and analytical abilities that surround them. How would you convey knowledge of and skills applied in the business world? Look to MyPerfectResume’s templates for examples of how to seamlessly integrate different experiences that demonstrate both of these areas.

Chief Executive Officer Resume Template for Word

As a chief executive officer, you will need a variety of skills that are both tangible and intangible. These could span from database user interface software to administration and management knowledge to judgment and decision making. Not sure how to write about intangible skills? Look at our resume templates for guidance on how to write a useful and informative resume that incorporates both hard and soft skills.

Procurement Officer Resume Template for Word

Procurement officers perform purchasing duties as well as information compilation and purchase record preparation. Employees in this role must also have a grasp on complex problem solving and undergo training specific to the position. Use our resume templates for guidance on how to incorporate these skills and certifications smoothly into your resume.

Create the Perfect Summary Statement for Your Business Resumes

An excellent summary statement opens many doors. It sits at the top of your resume, giving your employer a preview of the rest of the document, and is your first chance to grab your employer’s attention with your skills and personal drive. In your summary statement, make sure to address your current role, relevant past positions, and capabilities that apply to the position that you’ve catered your resume to. The business industry is vast and can apply to many different practices, such as operations, marketing, or finance. Specify your position within the industry, such as business analyst or marketing manager, and mention the number of years you’ve spent in the role(s). Specific business skills are also useful to mention, including accounting software such as Intuit Quickbooks or enterprise resource planning software. Below is an example of a summary statement within this field. For more examples of industry specific summary statements, look around on MyPerfectResume’s business resume templates for Word.

“Detail-oriented procurement manager with 6 years of experience in operations and information systems, working individually with the procurement of laptop parts. Proficiency with Intuit Quickbooks and Oracle Peoplesoft, and focuses on procurement with customer-focused orientation.”

How to Quantify Your Skills in your Business Resume

Most people consider the resume a qualitative document. The resume is riddled with descriptions that build into stories, describing experiences and skills. However, quantification is just as necessary as its qualitative counterpart. Why? Because quantifying your skills is the only way for hiring managers to gain tangible insight into your skills and experiences. In the business industry, employees interact with quantitative data on a daily basis. Some areas to focus on include: the number of employees retained, sales made, project or product ratings. Look around on MyPerfectResume’s business resume templates for Word for quantification examples, such as the ones below.
• Planned and executed several products, with ratings ranging from 3.9 to 4.7 over the past three years
• Maintained an employee turnover rate of less than 20% over the past year
• Negotiated a wholesaler contract that would sell products across thirty-seven states over the next three years

Notice how these points include not only percentages, ratings, and amount of products sold, but also the time frame for the duration of each activity. When writing your resume, always think about how you can provide perspective and relativity to your employer, so that he or she can gain tangible insight into your achievements.

Business Resume Templates

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