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When you apply for a job, your resume is your first chance to market yourself to the hiring manager and show how your unique experience and skills qualify you for the job. If you aren’t sure how to format a professional resume or what information to include, take a look at the business analyst resume template for Word and writing guide. You can find inspiration to craft your own summary statement along with comprehensive skills, work experience, and education sections that can set you apart from other candidates.
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Beth Smith

Boulder, CO 11111

E: beth.t.smith@anymail T: 555-543-5873

Professional Summary

Expert business analyst with proven track record of accurately understanding and predicting industry trends and developing effective plans to increase clients’ market share and profit margin. Strong communication skills to collaborate with team members and present findings to clients. Motivated to create innovative strategies to meet clients’ objectives while maximizing internal efficiency and profitability.

    ? Proficient with SQL, Microsoft Project, SAP, and enterprise resource planning software
    ? Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    ? Working knowledge of modern business strategies and market analysis methodologies
    ? Proven leadership to recommend and implement large-scale business strategies
    ? Able to organize and allocate resources efficiently
Work Experience
Business Analyst

Strategic Business Solutions

    ? Analyze market strategies for clients using product and market data and computer analysis tools.
    ? Create accurate models of potential growth using real-world data to recommend effective business strategies clients.
    ? Study industry reports, paid surveys, public information, and other sources to develop comprehensive and accurate trend models.
    ? Communicate directly with clients to implement new strategic plans, increasing profits by an average of 25 percent.
    ? Contact local businesses to find new consulting clients, opening two new accounts per quarter on average.

Strategic Business Consultant

Market Managers

    ? Communicated with clients to understand strategic goals, growth objectives, and market concerns.
    ? Analyzed market data to develop a complete overview of client’s company in relation to the local and/or global market.
    ? Created strategic plans to increase each client’s market share and brand awareness with an average growth rate of 20 percent.
    ? Oversaw implementation of growth strategies to judge effectiveness and recommend changes as necessary.
    ? Collaborated with senior executives and technical personnel to discuss goals and challenges.

Market Analyst

Engineering Innovation

    ? Collected and analyzed market data to understand trends and make accurate projections.
    ? Developed advertising goals for customer accounts to address market concerns.
    ? Created growth models using analysis software to help customers understand market information and make effective changes to business strategies.
    ? Researched new market analysis methods and tools to ensure accurate responses to current and future data trends.
    ? Monitored industry publications to understand relevant market and product information.

PMI Professional in Business Analysis

Project Management Institute
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Northern Colorado

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15 Tips to Write Your Business Analyst Resume

Summary Statement

1. Unless you are changing careers or applying for an entry-level job, skip the objective statement and write three sentences or bullet points highlighting your experience, skills, and character traits.
2. Keep this section concise; you can use sentence fragments, as shown in the business analyst resume template for Word.
3. Showcase your value as an employee by highlighting your most impressive and relevant professional achievements.
4. Don’t forget to include soft skills, such as leadership ability and teamwork. Rather than list them, use practical examples from your work history to demonstrate your desirable traits.

Skills Section

5. Keep your bullet points short and leave off the period at the end.
6. Include the exact keywords and industry terminology you find in the job description.
7. Make sure to focus on skills that are relevant to the field and specific job for which you are applying, including technical certifications.

Work Experience Section

8. Avoid boring phrasing such as “responsible for” and choose strong descriptive verbs instead, as shown in the business analyst resume template for Word.
9. Use a reverse chronological structure for your work experiences and keep each section roughly the same length by using five to eight bullet points.
10. Don’t just list your daily tasks for your previous jobs; instead, highlight times you went above and beyond, and use metrics to show the results of your contributions.
11. Find creative ways to describe your professional accomplishments and avoid overused buzzwords such as “team player” and “hard worker.”
12. Be confident in your abilities, but don’t use too much technical jargon. The hiring manager may not be an expert in your field, so showcase your skills in easy-to-understand terminology.

Education Section

13. As you can see in the business analyst resume template for Word, place your education section after your work history, as most employers care more about practical experience.
14. Include legitimate academic achievements, such as summa cum laude or honors graduation, but leave out your GPA or high school information.
15. Don’t forget to include additional education, such as online courses and professional development programs.


If you’re ready to take your job search seriously, the first thing to do is create and fine-tune your resume. Make sure to focus on your more impressive and relevant contributions and attributes, and write in a way that allows the reader to visualize the benefits of hiring you. Use the business analyst resume template for Word and the writing tips to ensure your final draft includes an engaging summary statement and attractive skills, education, and work history sections. With an excellent resume in hand, you are one step closer to landing the job you want.


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