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When you are trying to land job interviews and get hired, your strategy should be to convince hiring managers that you are their dream candidate. One way to do this is to have an outstanding resume, which our CEO resume template for Word can help you create. This template, as well as the writing tips listed with it, will help you understand how to craft your summary statement, work experience, skills, and education sections in a way that grabs the interest of employers.
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Kelly Smith

Portland, Oregon 11111

E: P: 555-777-1010

Professional Summary

Dynamic business leader constantly striving to improve both internal function and output quality for companies. Highly adaptable after more than 20 years working in private technology firms. Skilled at fostering innovation-friendly environments while still maintaining strong budgets and reducing waste.

    • Creating solutions to logistical and personnel issues
    • Verbal and written communication
    • Developing and adhering to budgets
    • Implementing business strategies
    • Negotiating acquisitions and other arrangements
    • Generating product ideas
    • Restructuring flawed systems by applying lean principles
Work Experience
Senior Development Officer

Grebe Technologies

    • Direct product line development for northwest region of international technology firm.
    • Lead teams of managers in strategic planning sessions to come up with innovative new products.
    • Research markets and emerging technologies to inform direction of product lines.
    • Oversee budget structuring for new projects, reevaluating budget at intervals to maximize efficient allocation of funds.
    • Spearheaded introduction of three new product lines that increased company profits by 15 percent, 20 percent, and 22 percent respectively in their first years on the market.

Regional Director

Halsey Enterprises

    • Coordinated sales, design, and marketing teams. Ensured constructive interaction within and between groups to promote a dynamic and effective work environment.
    • Encouraged employee creativity by instituting daily brainstorming sessions and facilitating group discussions.
    • Acquired employee feedback and incorporated ideas to improve workplace efficiency and innovation.
    • Negotiated acquisition of smaller company to outsource design work. Saved company more than $100,000 per year in expenses.
    • Redesigned product release system to bring products to market more successfully in fewer steps. New system led to 13 percent increase in profits in its first year.

Senior Marketing Manager

Halsey Enterprises

    • Developed and launched marketing campaigns for new and existing product lines.
    • Managed team of 20 employees. Allocated work tasks, communicated expectations, and fostered their professional development through mentoring sessions.
    • Created the TextOn marketing campaign, which earned a slot in the Superbowl XXXIX advertising lineup and generated over $3 million in revenue in 2005.
    • Supervised department budget, eliminating areas of waste and holding employees accountable to expectations.
    • Delivered quarterly presentations to executive team members to outline department goals and progress.
    • Collaborated with sales and design teams to ensure that marketing campaigns accurately represented the highlights and benefits of products.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

University of Oregon
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Lundquist School of Business- University of Oregon

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15 Tips to Write Your CEO Resume

Summary Statement

1. As you can see, the CEO resume template for Word is short and sweet. When you write your own summary statement, keep it to no longer than three sentences or bullet points.
2. If you mention how long you have been in your field, be sure to say, “years’ experience” or “years of experience,” but not “years experience.”
3. You can use sentence fragments in this section.
4. Your summary statement is like your professional highlight reel. Use this space to lay out your best attributes and most noteworthy experiences.

Skills Section

5. To improve the chances that your resume will make it past applicant filtering software, include exact phrases from the job description in your skills section.
6. Keep your phrases short, and do not include periods at the end.
7. List your skills in a logical order-for example, you can write out your management skills followed by your technology skills and your communication skills.

Work Experience Section

8. Each bullet point should begin with a strong verb. This lets employers know that when you are at work, you take action.
9. It is not enough to simply take action, however. Employers also want to know you will deliver results. Include metrics such as how much you increased profits or how many successful products your division developed.
10. Include the names of previous companies, but do not explain why you left those positions or say who your supervisors were. If employers want that information, they will ask you.
11. Note that the CEO resume template for Word lists three previous positions. These positions stretch throughout a suitable time frame of 10 years and include relevant experiences.
12. Use this section to demonstrate your command of crucial but intangible skill sets, such as leadership and creativity.

Education Section

13. You only have to include relevant education in this section. Do not mention your high school diploma if you have a college degree.
14. If you have additional professional certifications, such as the lean certification held by the candidate in the CEO resume template for Word, list them here.
15. If you graduated some time ago and are experienced in your field, do not go into detail about your grades or coursework.


Writing an outstanding resume will help you put your best foot forward on your job search. Remember, it is important to not only tell but also show your most desirable qualities. By using action words to describe your work duties and offering metrics of your accomplishments, you can impress employers and make it to the next steps of the hiring process. Now that you have some key strategies in mind, you can start creating a resume of your own.


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