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A strong resume doesn’t guarantee an interview at the company you’ve been eyeing for months, but it’s the first step toward it. Your resume is the first impression a future supervisor will have of you, and following a template like the cost engineer resume template for Word shown here can help you stand out among the dozens of other cost engineers vying for the job. Use this guide to navigate the summary statement, skills section, work experience section, and education section and build a standout resume.
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Rajesh Singh

Dallas, TX 11111

E: rajeshsingh@anymail T: 555-272-9720

Professional Summary

Experienced cost engineer with proven ability to maintain profit margins while providing the highest quality service to clients. Consistent in achieving minimal difference (less than 5 percent) between estimated and actual costs. Committed to innovation in processes so that efficiency and quality goals are met.

    • Strong analytical and budgeting skills
    • Innovative approach to analysis and recordkeeping
    • Successful management of multiple projects simultaneously
    • Exceptional aptitude for coordinating with team leaders and clients
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Proven statistics and advanced mathematics skills
    • Demonstrated proficiency in problem solving
    • Advanced blueprint-reading capabilities
Work Experience
Cost Engineer
2014 – Present

Global Engineering

    • Maintain presence on the premises of current projects to manage invoices, coordinate materials ordering and delivery, and establish cost-saving strategies.
    • Establish data-analysis procedures and set up databases for increased efficiency of daily operations and budget management.
    • Coordinate daily interactions with project managers and clients to facilitate exemplary communication among all stakeholders and resolve any project issues that arise.
    • Supervise interns from the University of Texas-Arlington’s College of Engineering, ensuring they observe all aspects of current projects and take an active role in portions related to their majors.

Cost Engineer
2011 – 2014

ABC Engineering

    • Estimated and recorded costs of current and upcoming projects to facilitate ease of communication among project leaders.
    • Coordinated with engineers and project managers to keep the cost below budget, maintain adequate profit margins, and reduce project downtime.
    • Maintained cost-analysis reports to demonstrate differences in estimated and actual costs, successfully achieving less than 5 percent difference consistently.
    • Visited job sites to collect data, evaluate progress, and address management concerns.

Engineering Intern
2010 – 2011

ABC Engineering

    • Assisted several project managers to gain broad experience in engineering outside the classroom.
    • Maintained project data to aid managers in recordkeeping and analysis and reported any discrepancies to the project supervisor.
    • Updated the client invoice system, providing a more efficient process for invoicing.
    • Provided cost-analysis reports for new clients, establishing rapport and trust in ABC Engineering.

Certified Cost Engineer

AACE International Certification
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Rice University

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15 Tips to Write Your Cost Engineer Resume

Summary Statement

1. Keep your summary short. Use three sentences or three bullet points, and leave it at that.
2. Give the hiring committee a feel for who you are. Let your personality show even while using the level of formality required by the company.
3. Don’t simply repeat information that’s listed in your resume. Instead, demonstrate how the skills you’ve listed contribute to your success on the job.
4. Use strong adjectives like the ones you see in the cost engineer resume template for Word: experienced, consistent, committed, skilled, well-versed, and focused.

Skills Section

5. Be sure to use the key words you see in the job description. Use them exactly as you see them written.
6. Keep your list succinct. Use no less than six bulleted points but no more than 10.
7. Include hard skills such as specific engineering capabilities and soft skills such as the ability to work well with your colleagues.

Work Experience Section

8. List your most current position first, and work backwards to your first job.
9. Include volunteer work and internships, as you can see on the cost engineer resume template for Word, especially if you’re just beginning your career.
10. Only include past work history that’s relevant to the position for which you’re applying. If you worked as a waiter to pay your way through college, for example, you Don’t need to include waiting tables in your work history.
11. Use strong verbs when describing your current duties. Use “facilitated” or “conducted” rather than “led,” for example, or “built” rather than “put together.”
12. Include numbers whenever you can. Did you save the company 10 percent on a recent project? Say so directly.

Education Section

13. Once you’ve completed any college work, leave your high school diploma off your resume because employers assume that you have a high school diploma or its equivalent if you’ve been accepted to a college program. Like you see in the cost engineer resume template for Word, only the degree from Rice University is included.
14. Feel free to include educational awards granted while you were in college.
15. Be sure to list certifications, apprenticeships, and other educational programs you’ve participated in while training for your current position.


Your resume is your introduction to a future supervisor. Showcasing your skills, education, and work experience will give you the best chance to make a strong first impression, so Don’t be afraid to brag about landing that highly competitive internship or graduating with honors from the nation’s most rigorous engineering program. Use this cost engineer resume template for Word to show off your skills, and take one more step toward the job of your dreams today.


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