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You may wonder why you, as an entrepreneur, would need a resume. That line of thinking may be selling the power of a resume short. It can be an extremely valuable tool when you are looking to recruit a partner into your business or when securing financial backing from an investor. You may even want to use your entrepreneurial background to springboard into a leadership position with a new company. In any event, the entrepreneur resume template for Word and the following tips will help you organize your information into summary statement, skills, work experience, and education sections.
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Lawrence Law

E: llaw45@email.com T: 555-555-1111

Professional Summary

Seasoned entrepreneur who has already established and sold two hugely successful companies looking for investment partner to help in developing a third. Educational background is in hotel administration and management. Unique insight into traveler expectations and hospitality resource services has proven to be a tremendous asset in developing service solutions in the past.

    •Expert understanding of all aspects of the hospitality industry, including hotel resource management, traveler concierge services, and general traveler tendencies
    •Established relationships with professional contacts all throughout the business
    •Well-versed in business formation rules and regulations
    •Familiar with proven fundraising and marketing strategies aimed at generating working capital
    •Working knowledge of various distribution and supply models that pinpoint the most effective way to deliver services to customers
    •Dedication to ensuring the success of entrepreneurial endeavors
Work Experience
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
2008 – 2016

Traveling Tailor

    •Founded hotel concierge service that offered business travelers access to contracted clothiers in different cities that would provide them with outfits and accessories as well as emergency seamstress services.
    •Established a partnership with the seven regional tailored clothing companies to provide services for customers.
    •Worked with local software development team to create app that users could download for free, offering small equity stake in the company in exchange.
    •Became the top new traveler service according to several industry publications in 2010.
    •Sold ownership stake in company to international luxury hotel chain in 2016 for $455 million.

President and Co-Founder
1995 – 2005

On the Go Grocers LLC

    •Developed an application in conjunction with business partner that allowed travelers to arrange for groceries to be delivered to hotel rooms.
    •Worked with the leadership groups of several national and regional suite hotel chains to post link to download app on their websites.
    •Contracted 16 regional grocery companies to provide goods to travelers at a discounted price in exchange for a royalty agreement.
    •Remained in the Top 10 of Best Travel Apps in four tech publications from 1998 through 2004.
    •Created a licensing agreement with hotel partners 2005, which handed ownership of the service over to third party administrator.

Hospital Internship

Morrow Hotels
Inc. Washington D.C.
Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

University of Nevada
Las Vegas Las Vegas

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15 Tips to Write Your Entrepreneur Resume

Summary Statement

1.Consult the entrepreneur resume template for Word on how to state your objective in your summary statement, whether it be to secure an investment or bring on a new company partner.
2.This section should not exceed three bullet points or sentences in order to ensure its succinctness.
3.Select only your most valued skills to list in your summary statement (or those that a potential partner may value).
4.Think of the challenges encountered by those doing similar work or those common in your industry, and frame your content to show how you can provide solutions.

Skills Section

5.Only list those skills that would apply to your current endeavor in this section, being careful not to exceed six to eight bullet points.
6.Note the types of words and phrases you see used in job listings in your industry, and use the same language in this section.
7.Avoid listing basic work requirements, such as an ability to use email or instant messenger, as actual business-related talents.

Work Experience Section

8.Look back on your employment history (either entrepreneurial or otherwise), and select only those past jobs or roles that would apply to your current endeavor here.
9.Use detailed metrics when listing your accomplishments alongside the details of your work history just as has been done in the entrepreneur resume template for Word.
10.Only go back longer than 20 years when detailing your work history if you spent a good amount of that time with the same company.
11.If any of the companies you list in this section were your own, feel free to include details as to why you may have sold or transferred ownership.
12.When creating the bullet points used in this section, begin them with action words (such as “directed” or “engineered”) rather than passive language.

Education Section

13.Omit details regarding your high school experience if the work you do typically requires a college degree.
14.If you happen to hold any professional licenses or belong to any accrediting organization, list that information here.
15.List any internships you completed in conjunction with your degree program just as you see in the entrepreneur resume template for Word.


Given the unique nature of entrepreneurial work, the way you choose to word your content may differ from that seen in a standard resume. However, the format shown in the entrepreneur resume template for Word serves to convey the same information shared by a traditional document. If it does its job, your resume will give you the chance to sell yourself to those who read it in subsequent meetings and interviews, getting you closer to your goals.


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